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an element with the atomic number 6
6 protons/neutroms
what does the formula H2O mean
2 hydrogen 1 oxygen
which isotope is most likely to be used to study the thyroid gland?
I-123 I-124
Atomic radiation is useful in treating cancer because..
radiation harms cancer cells more readily than it does most non-cancer cells
A chemical reaction which pairs of 2 different molecules trade positions with each other
exchange reaction
as a group compounds that release ions when dissolved in water are called
a decomposition reaction can be symbolized as
AB-> A + B
the first electron shell of an atom can hold a maximum of how many atoms
if an atom has 3 electrons in its second shell, first shell being full, it will tend to do what
lose 3 electrons from its second shell
the atoms of the isotopes of a particular element vary in a number of
chemistry deals with
a composition of substances, changes that occur in substances and substances that make up organisms
a person that has alkalosis if the blood pH does
rises about 7.4
the difference in hydrogen ion concentration in solutions with pH4 and pH5 are
The unique 3D structure of a proton molecule is maintained largely by
hydrogen bonds
T/F an electrolyte is a substance that ionizes in water
T/F an acid is defined an electrolyte that releases hydroxyl ions in water an example is sodium hydroxide
T/F A substance that releases hydrogen ions in water is a base
T/F water is an example of a compound
T/F An atom that has gained or lost electrons is called an ion
T/F Sodium and chloride ions combine readily because they both tend to lose electrons
T/F the number of protons within an atom of an element is equal to its atomic weight
False : Weight- Number+

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