AP World History Classical Civilizations Test

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What was the leader in a Chinese civilization called?
Son of Heaven
The emperor was placed by the gods and was then called…
Mandate of Heaven
China’s location was…
isolated (limited ability to learn from others)
What was the first dynasty in China?
The Zhou Dynasty
What were the commonalities between the newest civilizations and the Classical civilizations?
Farming, empires
What were the differences between first civilizations and the Classical civilizations?
The early empires didn’t carry on… classical civs. created precedents and were influential
Where did the bulk of the world’s population live at this time?
The Classical civilizations
Trade contacts were more substantial/ extensive in the Classical civs. Where was there less trade?
Who interacted with some of the civs. during trade?
Barbarian horse people
Syncretism in _______ had Buddhist statues wearing Greek clothing
What was India’s philosophy/religion that upheld inequality?
The Hindu Caste System
What was China’s religion that upheld inequality?
Where was there a main focus on politics
Which dynasty in China was not very centralized/ relied on alliances?
The fall of the Zhou dynasty occurred in the Spring/Autumn period and two great philosophies were born. What were they?
Confucianism (Confucius) and Daoism (Lao-Tzu)
This religion and 5 beliefs, had a hierarchical system, and was especially important in the Han dynasty
Which religion had a mystical belief that there should be balance in nature?
The Zhou fell with fighting what new dynasty was created?
Who was the most influential leader in the Qin dynasty?
New things in the Qin
Strong centralized government, legalism (they didn’t like Confucianism)
What did Shi-Huangdi make the peasants do?
Build the Great Wall of China/ other work (a lot of them died)
Shi-Huangdi was overthrown because the peasants revolted against his harsh/ unfair laws. Who took over and what was created?
Gao zu took over and created the Han Dynasty
What did the Han keep the same from the previous dynasty?
Centralized government and standardization
What did the Han dynasty get rid of?
Legalism (they adopted Confucianism)
What was the main type of government in the Han?
Bureaucracy (people had to take a test based on Confucianism to become a bureaucrat)
Who invaded India?
The Aryans
Who were the Aryans?
Indo-European people
What was India’s major religion/ political system?
Hinduism- Caste system
What was the first Indian dynasty?
Mauryan Dynasty
Who was the first emperor in the Mauryan empire?
Chandragupta Maurya
What was India’s type of government?
Who was the better/ new emperor of the Mauryan dynasty?
Ashoka converted to ______ after witnessing brutality in the war
______ was still the main religion because Ashoka accepted it/ the Caste

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