AP World History Chapter 5: Learning Curve

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What did China’s government implement to rein in merchant activities during the early Han dynasty?
It banned merchants from wearing silks
What is a jati?
One of the thousands of occupationally based groups in India
Describe Spartacus’s slave revolt.
It won some remarkable military victories over the Romans before succumbing to the Roman army.
Describe the education of women in Athens.
Elite women were normally limited to learning domestic skills like weaving.
What was the attitude of the Chinese ruling elite toward merchants?
They were regarded as an unproductive threat to society.
Describe India’s caste system concerning social mobility.
As it developed, it became impossible for an individual to rise in caste, but entire jatis could raise their standing in a variety of ways.
It is estimated that in the heartland of this ancient civilization between 33 and 44 percent of the population were slaves.
In general, when were patriarchies least restrictive for women?
During times of upheaval
Describe the audience influenced by Aristotle’s thought.
Aristotle’s ideas had a long-term influence on Western civilization.
How did China’s social hierarchy differ from India’s in the second-wave era?
Chinese society gave priority to political rather than religious figures, Chinese society was split into a smaller number of distinct social categories, Chinese social groups were less rigidly defined
What is true of slavery in the ancient world?
All the First Civilizations practiced slavery, as did almost all later civilizations.
What did the patriarchal systems of Greece and China share?
They both saw the seclusion of women in their homes as important for a well-ordered society.
Describe the evolution in land distribution in China from around 210 B.C.E. when the Qin unified China to the first century C.E.
Most land was held by small-scale peasant farmers around 210 B.C.E., but by the first century C.E. it had become concentrated in the hands of large-scale landowners.
What was a distinctive feature of Roman as compared to Greek slavery?
In the Roman Empire, freed slaves became citizens
Describe the relation of one jati to another during the second-wave era
It was possible over the course of generations for a jati to move up the social hierarchy.
What is true of slaveholding in the Greek and Roman world?
Even poor households usually had at least one or two slaves.
Describe the relationship between jatis and varnas in Indian society
Occupational groups known as jatis blended with the varna system to create India’s unique caste-based society.
Describe the difference between cultural assimilation in China and India during the second-wave period.
In China, assimilation required becoming Chinese ethnically, linguistically, and culturally.
What was true of the Chinese exam system under the Han?
While the elite were best positioned to take advantage of it, the exam system did provide a measure of social mobility in society.
Which ancient civilization practiced slavery to such a great extent that their society can be said to have been based on slavery?
Greco-Roman civilization
What distinguished the Haitian slave revolt of 1790s C.E. from Spartacus’s revolt of 73-71 B.C.E.?
The Haitian rebels sought to create a new society free of slavery; Spartacus’s revolt simply sought to escape Roman slavery
How did the caste-based social system shape India’s emerging civilization?
It allowed for the assimilation of migrating and invading peoples.

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