AP Psycho Final/AP Exam Review – Test 5

REM sleep
At 3 o’clock in the morning, John has already slept for 4 hours. As long as his sleep continues, we can expect an increasing occurrence of:

Shane, a straight-A student, remembers dreaming that he failed an important chemistry test. According to Freud, SHane’s account represents the ______ content of his dream.

would report a vivid dream if he were awakened during REM sleep
Forty-year-old Lance insits that he never dreams. Research suggest that he probably:

The school of thought in psychology that systematically avoided the study of consciousness during the first half of the last century was:

physical growth
Deep sleep appears to play an important role in:

REM; stage 4
Paradoxical sleep is to slow-wave sleep as ______ sleep is to ________ sleep.

the circadian rhythm
Our inability to fall asleep early as we had planned, is most likely a reflection of:

Sensory experiences that occur without a sensory stimulus are called:

viral infection
Terry has not had a decent night of sleep in over a week. If this sleep deprivation continues, he will become increasingly susceptible to:

serial processing; parallel processing
Consciousness is to unconsciousness as ______ is to ______.

people often experience sudden visual images during REM sleep
The activation-synthesis theory best helps to explain why:

As Inge recalled her dream, she was dancing with a tall, dark gentleman when suddenly the music shifted to loud rock and the man disappeared. According to Freud. Inge’s account represents the ______ content of her dream.

the cessation of breathing during sleep
Sleep apnea is a disorder involving:

our awareness of ourselves and our environment
Consciousness is:

a relaxed but awake state
Alpha waves are associated with:

Freud called the remembered storyline of a dream its ____ content.

any stage of sleep.
Sleep talking may occur during:

sleep apnea
Mr. Dayton occasionally stops breathing while sleeping. He wales up to snort air for a few seconds before falling back asleep. Mrs. Dayton complains that her husband snores. He clearly suffers from:

some people are able to test their state of consciousness while dreaming
Research on dreaming indicates that:

have very relaxed muscles
After sleeping for about an hour and a half, José enters a phase of paradoxical sleep. He is likely to:

Drink a glass of wine 15 minutes before bedtime
Which of the following is bad advice for a person trying to overcome insomnia?

REM sleep; Stage 4 sleep
Nightmares are to ______ as night terrors are to ______.

delta waves
The large, slow brain waves associated with deep sleep are called:

REM sleep
After Carlos had been asleep for about an hour and a half, his heart began to beat faster, his breathing became fast and irregular, and his closed and began to dart back and forth. Carlos was most likely experiencing:

mental processes.
By 1960, the study of consciousness had been revived by psychologists’ renewed interest in: