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Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States and is also on the $20 bill so he had to be a great president if he was on the $20 bill but many people believe Jackson was a bad president because he remove the Indians, disobeyed the law and attacked the bank.

First paragraph
First off Andrew Jackson was not a good president because he wanted to remove the Indians. The native Americans have always lived in the settlements stretching from Georgia to Mississippi. However Jackson another political leaders wanted to open the slant to settlement by American farmers. Congress passed the Indian removal act in 1830 pressured by Jackson the act authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi river lands in the West. Congress that established Indian territory United States land in what is now Oklahoma and plan to move Native Americans there. What does Indian removal act make Andrew Jackson a bad president? Because he passed an act that made people suffer by starvation, diseases, walking for too long, dying which is not what a good president would do.

Second paragraph
Secondly, the laurels a big part of the presidents job for president disobeys a lot just like Andrew Jackson they’re not doing their job and are not good presidents. When the Cheerokee’s who were going to get removed by Georgia the Cheerokee’s claim that the government of Georgia had no legal power over their lands. Under the leadership of Chief Justice John Marshall agreed. Worcester v. Georgia the court ruled that the Cherokee nation was A distinct community in which the laws of Georgia had no force. The court also stated that only the federal government, not the states, had authority over Native Americans. Georgia, however ignore the courts ruling, President Jackson took no action to make Georgia follow the ruling. “John marshal has made his decision; now let him enforce it,” Jackson supposedly said. By not enforcing the courts decision, Jackson violated his presidential oath to uphold the laws of the land

Third paragraph
Furthermore Andrew Jackson didn’t support grader federal power which is not OK for example he oppose the second bank of the United States founded by Congress. Many states oppose the bank. Small farmers believe that the bank only help the wealthy business people. Jackson also question the legality of the bank. He believed it was unconstitutional extension of the power of Congress. The states, Sarotte, should have the power to control the banking system. Mary Lynn tried to pass the tax that would limit the banks operations. When Marilyn tried to pass a text James McCulloch, Kashare of the banks branch in Merriland, refused to pay the tax the state took him to court and then the case went to the US Supreme Court in the coal verse Maryland the court ruled that the national brink was constitutional. Jackson then threaten the bank saying I will kill it and Jackson also week the banks power by moving most of its fun state banks this policy did not help the national

In conclusion, Andrew Jackson is not a good present because he supported the removal of thousands of native Americans to federal territory , He violated his presidential oath, and he caused economic troubles because of the bank.

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