Ancient Greece and Rome Study Guide 3rd Grade 2015-2016 Test Date Feb. 12

The act of giving or doing something

Direct democracy
A government in which people vote to make their own rules and laws

Representative democracy
A government in which people vote for (elect) a smaller group of citizen to make their the rules and law for everyone

Different traits

Ancient Greek and Romans
Two group of people who made significant contribution to society in terms of architecture, government, and sports.

Ancient Greek and Romans influenced who?
The lives of people today

What styles in architecture used today came from Ancient Greece and Rome?
Columns from Greece and Arches from Rome

Parthenon (columns) are from?
Ancient Greece

The Colosseum an aqueducts (arches) are from?
Ancient Rome

What arts are displayed on buildings?
Mosaics, sculpture, and painting

What principal of government from Ancient Greece and Rome are part of our government?
Democracy (government by the people/direct democracy) and Republican (representative democracy)

Birthplace of Democracy?
Ancient Greece

Birthplace of Republican form of government?
Ancient Rome

What sporting events today came from Ancient Greece?
Olympic Games

Where were Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome located?
On land near the Mediterranean Sea

lives next to a river, built cities on hills, limited rich soil
Ancient Rome physical characteristics

located on a peninsula with many island, along with mountains and hills, surrounded by Mediterranean Sea and limited rich soil?
Ancient Greece physical characteristics

Ancient Greece human characteristics
Ship builders, farmers and traders

Ancient Rome human characteristics
Road builders, farmers and traders

How did the people of Ancient Greece adapt to and change their environment to meet their needs?
1.)They farmed on hillside, 2.) trading took place on the Mediterranean Sea, 3.) small independent communities developed because of many mountains

How did the people of Ancient Rome adapt to and change their environment to meet their needs?
1.) they farmed on the hillside, 2.)trading took place on the Mediterranean Sea

Greece and Rome Natural Resource?
The sea (Mediterranean Sea)

Greece and Rome human and capital resources?
Produce ships (goods) to use for transportation (service)

Greeks and Roman Interdependence
They traded goods with Egypt and nearby communities

Ancient Greece and Rome Specialization
They build ships, farming and making pottery

Ancient Greek Located?
On a peninsula with many island and the Mediterranean Sea

Ancient Rome located?
Next to the river

Both Greece and Rome soil is…
…limited for farming

Both Greece and Rome…
…built ships, fished, made pottery and farmed.

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