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Three R’s of the New Deal
Relief, Recovery, and Reform
Hundred Days
the period of the first three months of office where FDR created programs to provide relief, create jobs, and stimulate the economy
Public Works Program
helped provide relief, create jobs, stimulate the economy
TVA – Tennessee Valley Authority
rescue an entire area, provided flood control, electricity, hold the needed water
FHA – Federal Housing Administration
insured loans for the construction of new houses
NYA – National Youth Administration
established by WPA to reduce competition for jobs by supporting education and training of youth
Second New Deal
included more social welfare benefits, stricter control over businesses, higher taxes on rich, stronger support for unions, WPA, Resettlement Administration, Wagner Act, Social Security Act
Wagner Act
guaranteed all workers the right to join a union and engage in collective bargaining, fired anyone for joining a union was made illegal
Social Security Act
reform for the elderly, disabled, and the unemployed
insurance benefits for the nor earners because of age handicap or job loss
American Liberty League
This business group organized to sway popular opinion against the New Deal
someone who can manipulate public opinions
National Debt
the debt of the national government (as distinguished from the debts of individuals and businesses and political subdivisions)
New Deal Coalition
An alliance of diverse groups – including Southern whites, African Americans, and unionized workers – who supported the policies of the Democratic Party in the 1930s and 1940s
Fireside Chats
FDR spoke to the nation over the radio, people felt better by listening to him every night
FDIC – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
provided government insurance for bank deposits to prevent loss of depositor’s money
FERA – Federal Emergency Relief Administration
gave federal money to states for aid to people in need, gave money to public work programs
AAA – Agricultural Adjustment Administration
recovery of agriculture, paid farmers to destroy crops and livestock as a mean of limiting production
WPA – Workers Progress Administration
put unemployed workers on the federal government payroll and organized special projects to work on
CCC – Civilian Conservation Corps
relief for the unemployed, provided young people with jobs in flood control and conservation projects
SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission
reform the stock market, regulated the stock market and required stockbrokers to be truthful with the public
CWA – Civil Works Administration
created jobs to build roads, parks, and airports
Franklin Delano Roosevelt; president during the Great Depression, created the New Deal to help revive the economy
Dow Jones Industrial Average
major source of entertainment and news
escape for people, affordable, double features, drive ins
Brain Trust
informal group of intellectuals who helped devise policies for New Deal
Court Packing
wanted to change to fifteen justices, enabled him to appoint more justices who shared the point of view, denounced the president for attempting to pack the court
Black Cabinet
First known as the Federal Council of Negro Affairs, an informal group of African-American public policy advisors to United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was supported by the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt
Rural Free Delivery
packages sent to your home in 1896 in rural areas for free
New Deal Legacy
bridges, dams, tunnels, hospitals, and public buildings, beccame acceptable for the government to assume responsibility for the needy and to intervene in the economy

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