AMB Test 2

top 5 strengths
responsibility, consistency, significance, harmony, and individualization
Dr. F. King Alexander
president and chancellor
Dr. Kurt Keppler
VP of student life and enrollment
Dr. Mari Fuentes-Martin
Dean of Students
Dr. Darrel Ray
Assistant VP of student life and enrollment
Ms. Bonnie Alford
Director of Orientation
Ms. Angela Guillory
Associate dean of students and director of greek life
Andrew Mahtook
Student body president
Hannah Knight
student body VP
Bursar Operations location
125 Thomas Boyd Hall
Bursar Operations
fee bill
fee bills are not mailed they are all online through registration services
University registrar location
112 Thomas Boyd Hall
University registrar
transcripts and addresses
enrollment verification, academic calendar, class scheduling, classroom requests
Center for Academic Success location
B-31 Coates Hall
Center for Academic Success
tutoring, SI sessions, learning strategies and one-on-one consolations, academic workshops
Olinde Career Center location
158 LSU Student Union
Olinde Career Center
help choosing a major
individual appointments
career/personality assessments
resume and cover letter writing
careers and grad school expositions
networking, interviewing, mock interviews
Campus Life location
350 LSU Student Union
campus life
homecoming, student activities board, volunteer LSU, community board
how to get involved in 400+ organizations
leadership development programs
free speech PLAZA
Greek Life location
472 LSU Student Union
greek life
recruitment NOT rush
greek life NOT affairs
students receive a Greek Tiger in the mail with tons of info
LSU dining location
copy and mail center at the corner of ceba lane and s. stadium drive
LSU dining
meal plans and dining halls-5 and 459 commons
LSU student union
paw points vs. tiger cash
PP cannot be added and expire at end of semester
TC doesn’t expire, vending machines laundry
Tigerlair-panda, smoothie king, etc
Magnolia room-3rd floor of union
meal plan options
19 swipes-150 pp
15 swipes-375 pp
12 swipes-600 pp
auxiliary services location
310 lsu student union/raphael semmes road
auxiliary services
LSU student union (ricoh, tiger lair, ATMS)
LSU bookstore (B&N and parking garage)
LSU dining
tiger card office
lsu child care center
union theater
disability services location
115 Johnston hall
disability services
all types of disabilities-deaf/hard of hearing, ADD and ADHD, learning, psychological, physical, or medical disabilities
provides accommodations like note-taking and alternate test-taking accommodations
student support services location
150 himes hall
student support services
services for students who meet certain criteria: 1st generation student, don’t meet income, disability, grant or tops, and 24 on ACT
study skills classes, free tutoring, peer mentoring, counseling, and 6 station computer lab
can get priority scheduling
student health center location
infirmary road and chimes
student health center
medical clinics, mental health services, and the office of health promotion
charges for: diagnostic imaging, vaccines, lab usage, prescriptions, and special procedures
my student body and immunization records
department of residential life location
grace king hall
department of residential life
residence halls NOT dorms
never say anything negative about them
tours at 1:30 and 3 PM (no reservations needed)
after admitted can start applying for housing
enrollment management location
1146 Pleasant hall
enrollment management
LSU application is an automatic application for scholarships
NOV 15 is last day for application to be considered for scholarships
application all online
application offers option for honors college
houses the offices for financial aid, scholarships, and campus tours
dual enrollment, transcripts, and AP scores all sent in with application
ACT/SAT can be submitted anytime
LA transcipts all online
no writing on ACT required
Ogden Honors college location
temporarily housed in the basement of Johnston hall
Ogden honors college
refer questions about enrollment to honors college counselors and honors advocates
does not grant a degree but works with all majors
classes 14-20 students cap, seminar styles, rarer classes
30 on ACT with 30 in english with writing portion
1330 SAT with 660 on reading
Information technology services location
200 Frey computing services
information technology services
computer assistance
help desk on the 1st floor of frey building
additional help in Middleton
tigerware-free copy of software on moodle
student financial management center location
158 LSU student union
student financial management
financial literacy education on topics such as money management, budgeting, credit/debit
worksheets, calculators, and checklists to help students make healthy financial decisions
UCFY location
150 allen hall
university college for freshman year
30 hr. or less of attempted credit
usually exit UCFY after their 1st year of college
undeclared NOT undecided
freshman visit here to change their majors
Direct admit majors
ag, art and design, and music and dramatic arts
UCAC location
150 Himes hall
University center for advising and counseling
30 + hours, but have not met admissions requirements for their desired senior colleges
houses pre-professional students
counseling for people interested in allied health
residence hall
dining hall
free speech alley
free speech plaza
parade grounds
parade ground
spring testing
SPIN spring invitational
Student recreation complex
business education complex, E.J. Ourso college of business
residential college complex, houses north hall (engineering), west hall (business), and south hall (HSS RC)
East and west campus apartments
459 and 5
dining halls
supplemental insturctor, work for CAS
teacher’s assistant
grad students who work with teacher
grad assistant
grad students who work in administration, higher education, and other departments of university
resident assistant
humanities and social sciences
human sciences and education
office of first year experience
tiger athletic foundation, private dept that supports LSU athletics
information and technology services
free application for federal student aid
family educational right and privacy act, law that prevents parents from scheduling students
taylor opportunity program for students
tuition reducing opportunity for LA residents
policy for withdrawal at LSU, goes on transcript after student drops a class after certain time period
Genderal education requirement
classes (39 total hours) in 6 core areas that students in every major must complete
memorial or bell towers
himes hall/testing center
52 himes
computer based testing center
college of mass comm
often used to refer to journalism building
university center for freshmen year-ALL freshmen
university college:center for advising and counseling-30+hours without gen requirements
Faculty club
club at union square
traditional res halls
blake, miller, mcvoy, kirby smith, annie boyd, pentagon: jackson, taylor, beauregard, and lejeune halls
residence colleges
blake, north, cypress, her get, east and west laville, west, south, highland and louise garig, broussard
blake hall
north hall
cypress hall
herget hall
east and west laville
honors college
west hall
south hall
HSS and mass comm
highland louise garig halls
broussard hall
career discovery
themed housing
leaderships and service learning community in lejeune hall
tiger bridge program in acadian hall-transition from community college
sophomoreGOLD in east campus apartments

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