ADAP Study Guide

What does ADAP stand for?
Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program

What does TADRA stand for?
Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act

What are some of the things that can cause you to get your Provisional class D license suspended?
major traffic violations, reckless driving, hit and run, racing, misinterpreting age (all of the above)

The use of prescription medication is safer than the use of illicit drugs. True or False.

Synthetic marijuana is _____ in the state of GA.

What type of drugs causes you to hear voices, see images, and feel things that do not exist?

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that in some instances can cause ______
seizures, heart attacks, respiratory failure, death (all of the above)

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col-lg-5 central-block">Can marijuana help fight off infection?
no, it limits the body’s ability to fight off infection

What are some of the effects of long term alcohol misuse?
liver disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological damage and psychiatric problems

What are the hours that a provisional licensed driver cannot drive?
12:00 AM – 6:00 AM

If you are under 18 what test do you have to passing order to get your license?

What is the most common illicit drug?

What is the minimum drinking age?
21 years old

What is the most widely used drug?

How many seconds should you put between you and the car in front of you?
3 seconds

If you are riding on the front of the car, what do you wear?

Refusal to submit a state administered test will result in ___ year for each refusal.

If you are under 21 what is the BAC number that could get you a DUI?
.02 or more

During the first ___ months who can ride in the vehicle with you?
6; only immediate family members

When does the fatal crash rate double (actually quadruple)?
at night

How many hours of theoretical instruction hours do you have to complete to get your license? Behind the wheel?
30 hours; 6 hours

What is the leading cause of death for teens?
Motor vehicle crashes

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