Abeka: Grammar and Composition III: Unit 4, The Paragraph

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the writing process (for a paragraph)
plan, write, rewrite, and edit

select and limit the subject, and list and organize your ideas

write the first draft

revise and rewrite the paragraph

edit the paragraph, and type (or write) the final copy

definition of paragraph
written compositions made up of units of thought; a group of sentences developing one topic

topic sentence
a topic sentence is the paragraph’s first sentence which states the paragraph’s main idea

developing sentences
gives examples, reasons, or an incident explaining the paragraph’s topic

summarizing sentence (or clincher sentence)
may be used at the end of a paragraph as a restatement of the topic; should include the following: 1. key words from the topic sentence to emphasize the main point of the paragraph, 2. key words from the developing sentences to show how the support relates to the topic, and should NOT include the following: 1. the next paragraph’s point, or 2. new information

to develop a paragraph, write sentences containing specific details that support he main idea in the topic sentence

this means that your details are in such good order and the relationships between the details are so clear that the resulting paragraph is easy to understand

arranging your details (for a coherent paragraph)
1. chronological (time) order, 2. space order, or 3. order or importance

continuity devices
help your idea flow smoothly from one sentence to the next; examples are 1. pronoun references, 2. repetition of key words and phrases, 3. transitional expressions (finally, for example, for instance, in the first place, likewise, furthermore, similarly, etc.)

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