A World Of Art Ch. 4-6

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a mark left by a moving point, actual or implied, and varying in direction, thickness, and density
the edge of a shape of figure depicted by an actual line drawn of painted on the surface
contour line
the perceived line that marks the border of an object in space. Describing dimension by overlap
implied line
a line created by movement or direction, such as the line established by a pointed finger, the direction of a glance, of a body moving through space.
negative shape
empty space surrounded and shaped so that it acquires a sense of form or volume
positive shape
the figure that commands our attention
One point linear perspective
a version of linear perspective In which there is only one vanishing point
vanishing point
the point on the horizon line where parallel lines converge.
vantage point
the point where the viewer is positioned
frontal recession
when lines recede to a vanishing point across from the vantage point
diagonal recession
when the lines recede to a vanishing pint to the right or left of the vantage point
two point perspective
a version of linear perspective when there are two vanishing points on the horizon line
oblique projection
a system for projecting space, commonly found in Japanese art, in which the front of the object of building is parallel to the picture plane, and the sides, receding at an angle, remain parallel to each other rather than converging.
axonometric projection
a technique for depicting space in which all lines remain parallel rather than receding to a common vanishing point
modification of perspective to decrease distortion resulting from the apparent visual contraction of an object or figure as it extends backwards from the picture plane at an angle approaching the perpendicular
Atmospheric/(aerial) perspective
a technique, often employed in landscape painting, designed to suggest three-dimensional space of the picture plane, and in which forms and objects distant from the Inset become less distinct, often bluer and cooler in color, and contrast among the various distant elements is reduced
the use or light and dark to create the effect of 3D modeled surfaces
A heightened form of chiaroscuro
An area of closely spaced parallel lines to create the effect of shading or modeling
Two or more sets of roughly parallel lines and overlapping lines, set at an angle to one another, in order to create a sense of three-dimensional modeled space
A color or hue modified by the addition of another color, resulting in a hue of a darker value
A color or hue modified by the addition of another color, resulting in a hue of a lighter value
directly reflect the light source, indicated by white
unlighted surface of a form rendered by modeling or chiaroscuro
core of the shadow
the darkest area on the object itself
cast shadow
the darkest are of all
primary colors
the three hues that cannot be created from a mixture of other hues (red, blue, yellow)
secondary colors
hues created by combining two primary colors (orange, green, violet)
intermediate colors
hues created when combining one primary and one secondary color
subtractive process
when different hues are combined, the mixture is duller and closer to black
additive process
when different hues are combined, the mixture is bright and closer to white
a color
reltive purity of a color’s hue, a function of its relative brightness or dullness
a liquid that makes paint easier to manipulate
analogous color
schemes composed of hues that neighbor eachother on the color wheel
relative warmth or coolness of a given hue
complementary color
schemes that employ hues that lie on opposite sides of the color wheel
simultaneous contrast
the more intense, brighter effect after placing complementary colors together without mixing
local color
the actual hue of something, independent of the ways in which colors might be mixed or how different conditions of light and atmosphere might affect color
perceptual color
colors as perceived by the eye
plein-air painting
painting done outside rather than studio
arbitrary color
color that has no realistic or natural relation to the object that is depicted but may have emotional or exprssive significance

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