2015.02 [How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk] Adam’s Listening

(1) Thats nothing.Which is what I have for you all.
(2) I have nothing.Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zippo.
(3) Nothing smart. Nothing inspirational. Nothing even remotely researched at all.I have absolutely nothing to say whatsoever.

(4) And yet, through my manner of speaking,I will make it seem like I do.
(5) By a show of hands,how many of you all have been asked a question before?
(6) Now, Im gonna react to that and act like Im telling you a personal anecdote.Something to break the tension. Something to endear myself a little bit.
(7) And now Im going to bring it to a broader point.Im going to really beckon.
(8) I, for one, have no idea who he is.I simply google-imaged the word “Scientist.”
(9) Id like it to seem like Im making points, building an argument, inspiring you to change your life,when in reality this is just me buying time.
(10) Interesting facts imparted thus far in said talk,well, thats going to be a zero.
(11) Now, to add more filler here,Im going to give you a

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couple more numbers to consider,
(12) If you were, say, watching this on YouTube with the sound off,you might think, “This guy knows what hes talking about.”
(13) But I dont. Im floundering, panicking.Ive got nothing. Im a total and utter phony.
(14) I was offered a TED Talk.And dammit, Im gonna see it through.
(15) Now, if you take a look behind me,these are just words paired with vaguely thought-provoking stock photos.
(16) Im going to point at themlike Im making use both of my time as well as your time.
(17) Im building to some sort of satisfying conclusion,I mean, Im gesticulating as though I am.
(18) Im going to make it seem like Im building to a moment.And what if I was?
(19) If theres one thing you take away from my talk,Id like you to think about what you heard at the beginning.
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