2 Music 3.13 Quiz

Flashcard maker : Mike Bryan
Which instrument is widely used in country music and almost never used in folk music or bluegrass music?
pedal steel guitar
Which quality is most important in a country music singer?
pronouncing words clearly so they are easy to understand
Which characteristic is typical of country music lyrics?
They are simple and direct.
Which element of music does country music focus on?
the song
Which characteristic is representative of country music?
Singers try to connect with their audiences.
Which statement about country music is accurate?
Country music uses more electric instruments than folk music or bluegrass music.
Throughout its history, country music has been trying to find a balance between which elements?
traditional ideas and modern ideas
Which style of music blends folk, bluegrass, rock, and country?
Throughout history, which group has country music been predominantly \”made\” for?
rural, working-class people
What does country music promote?
patriotism and keeping things the same

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