z- Test #4 Electrolytes

Molecules that become ionized in solution such as
– Na+, K+, Cl- & CO2
negatively charged ions that moves toward the Cathode
positively charged ions that moves toward the Anode
Sodium (Na+)
-major extracellular cation
-responsible for half of the osmolality of the plasma
-sodium reabsorption in the distal tubules occurs w/ aid of Aldosterone
Potassium (K+)
Major intercellular cation
Chloride (Cl-)
major extracellular anion
mostly found in the stomach, and the large intestine
This explains why the stomach is highly acidic
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Total CO2 : 33% bound to protein, 3% is gas, 64% HCO3 and H2CO3

We only measure HCO3 and H2CO3

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