Zeltner Periodic Table Flashcard

He’s given credit for making the first periodic table.
Atomic Mass
Average mass of all isotopes of that element.
Atomic Number
The modern periodic table is aranged in order of increasing the Atomic Number.
A substance that cannot be broken down into any other substances by chemical or physical means
The table is called The Perioic Table because elements occur periodically(on occasion)
Another name for a group
A horizontal row of elements in the Periodic Table
Electrical Conductivity
The ability of an object to carry an eletric current
Can be pulled out, or drawn, into long wires
Elements in the same veritical column of the periodic table
An element that has some characteristics of both metals and nonmetals
physical & chemical
Elements in the same gtroup or column have simular physical and chemical properties.
appearance of metals
Shiny and reflective (high luster), hard, Can transfer heat and electrical currents very well, can be pulled/drawn into long wires (ductile), Can be hammered or rolled into flat sheets (malleable)
appearance of non metals
Dull(luster), Breaks easily (brittle), poor conducters of heat and electrical currents, lower density than metal
melting & boiling points
Metals: High boiling points (ex. Pots and pans)
Nonmetals: Low boiling point

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