Youth Vs Todays youth

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The youth used poetry which showed what was going on through social issues. “l saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterically naked… ” -Ginsberg Youth uses slam poetry, music, art and even dancing to show emotion toward our social issues. Homosexuals came out. People who were “Homosexual” had to make sure no ‘one found out, and anyone who was caught “were arrested. People are more lenient towards Homosexuals now than they were before.

They are also free to do whatever they desire except marriage (in some states). Youths expressed themselves and tried sending messages by making/ performing music to create a better mentality. Youth sometimes attend concerts to party while their drunk or high. Many youths still use LSI and other drugs used from the youth in the Sass’s. Many youths were exposed to drugs. Therefore most of the youths were obtaining and using drugs such as LSI, Peyote, and Marijuana, Youths o to coffee shops, each other’s house, or even a library to discuss problems.

Concerts were functions where youths will discuss social issues, welfare, warfare, and etc. Youths are provided with birth control pills, as well as a birth control shot. Youths are

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also provided with doctors who perform surgical procedures to kill and take a baby out of Its mother’s stomach. “The sexual revolution” this Is where youths were being familiar with sex and birth control. Many adults tried to promote safe sex and provide birth control.

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