Young Adult Using a Counselling Service

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I am going to write a short report about a local counselling service called Brooke which supports young adults with sexual health issues.

Right to be respected

When entering the sexual health clinic all young individuals are greeted and made to feel comfortable. There is a window that individuals can have affective communication one to one with a sexual health professional to explain why they have attended the clinic. The window is away from others and is made as confidential as possible. Once the problem has been addressed the young individual is then given a one to one with a councillor in the Brooke clinic. The one to one again is confidential between the individual and councillor and the councillor has to respect the wishes of the individual. The councillor gives advice and guidance to help young people make the right choices for them e.g. the councillor would give a young person who is sexually active different forms of contraception to choose from.

Treated equally and not discriminated against

This service is provided for all young individuals up to the age of 20 years old, anyone younger than 20 are welcomed to the clinic with any issues they may have. The booking in procedure is

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Choose a Membership Plan
the same for all individuals and the same support and guidance is offered. This service is provided to help young adults therefore they are not discriminating against age, there just making it easier for young people to come forwards and seek help with any problems they have. All ethnicities, gender, sexual orientations are also treated the same and there are sexual health professionals who are educated to provide the different support and advice for all people.

Treated as an individual

The sexual health professional will examine the young adult in any area that they have issues. Then after examinations have been conducted the individual will be supported and treated depending on what their results comes back saying. This is how young adults are treated as an individual

because they are treated because of their result out come not because the

health professional takes it upon their self and decides what’s wrong with the individual with out examining them.

Treated in a dignified way

At the Brooke centre are treated with respect and communication occurs on a one to one basis. People are given choices and not told what to do, there personal views are listened to by the health professionals. All testing in done in a confidential way so the young adult’s self-esteem remains intact.

Allowed Privacy

There are frosted windows so that people outside can’t see people using the service and when entering the sexual health clinic privacy awaits young adults as soon as they walk in as the reception area is confidential so individuals feel confident when speaking about any problems they may have. When called to see a member of staff the support individuals receive is also in a room away from other young adults using the service. If a transmitted infection test is being conducted the individual has the privacy to take a urine test is the toilet facilities in the building away from others also. All information that has been taken from the young adult is kept on record at this service and isn’t shared with anyone, even your GP if you wish not to do so.

Safeguard From Danger and Harm

There are fire exits and equipment provided in the event of a fire to keep everyone safe and there are also facilities for storage so that there are no hazards such as people falling over. There are disposal bins provided so that all waste from the clinic can be safely disposed. If any symptoms for any illness or disease etc are made aware to the health professionals after having test they will not put people at harm or in danger of any disease. Illness getting worse and make sure they are treated as soon as possible.

Allowed Access to Information about Themselves

The data protection Act procedure will be followed, but once again other health professionals may need to see this information which they would be able to access. If the individual want to see personal information about them self and asks to see this they will be able to access this and know what personal information this service has to do with them. The service gives individuals the option if they want their GP to see that they have attended the service.

Communicating Using Preferred Communication and Language

Everyone likes to feel comfortable when using a local service no matter what gender, ethnicity etc. Some people communicate different to others and this isn’t a barrier to them access the service as they would be offered support to communicate their own way. This is why the individual would be given options and the service would then be prepared and ready to see the service user and be able to communicate their preferred way, this could mean getting an interpreter, signer etc.

Supported to Meet Their Needs and Choices

In this clinic environment there are so many choices that individuals may have no choice but to choose from e.g. different forms of contraception, pregnancy. All support needed is offered for young people at Brooke, a councillor helps young fragile individuals come up with a plan of what path they are taking in different circumstances and offer them a number of choices which they explain in detail to every individual the positive and negative sides of each choice. They then also take on board the individual’s choice and try to support them to the best of their ability.

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