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Your physical well-being Is affected by what you do everyday based on your lifestyle habits. I manage stress remotely well by taking deep breathes when I get anxiety, and try to calm down my mind and body tension. I also try to maintain good sleeping habits by finishing my work earlier at night and reading books to fall asleep. I eat Asiatic, Tamaris, and Rajas type of foods, which is shown to improve flexibility and physical well-being. I rarely drink alcohol, and when I do it is not a large amount.

I do smoke occasionally, but I am trying my very best to quit completely. I am very physically active during the summer and spring, doing activities such as swimming, cycling, Jogging, running and more. I try my best to go to the gym during winter, but I find it difficult to be motivated during the school year and bad weather conditions. When reflecting on my lifestyle habits, I think I am In good physical health, but Improvements can be made. 2. Regarding my emotional and spiritual well-being, I believe I am balanced. I have a belief system In g-d and a mixture of beliefs from the

Christian and Jewish religion because of my multicultural background. I try to stay positive when it comes to my thought processes, and maintain an open mind to other and my surroundings. My cultures consist of being half Southern Italian and half Russian. From this mixture I am able to experience different customs and traditions, which I really enjoy. I am close to certain family members like my mom, dad, cousins and sister. I have many friends but I have a few best friends whom I am very close with and confide to about any problems I am facing. On the “Eating for Yoga” questionnaire, I scored 4 yes’s resulting in the rating of “Where East Meets West”. This means I have a mixed diet, with influences of unhealthy commercialese Western culture foods and healthy traditional Eastern culture foods. I have a few health benefits In my diet, but there Is still Improvement and change that needs to be made. I feel Indifferent about my rating. I hope to Improve some aspects of my diet and hopefully can soon have better results. I eat Asiatic, Tamaris, and Rajahs foods on a lily basis but when I am stressed or busy I sometimes to do eat 3 full meals a day. . Physically, I am fit and my main strength is my upper body strength from working out at the gym. Emotionally, I care about maintain healthy relationships with my close family and friends. This is a strength because I can let out my feelings and cope with issues by talking to people that I love. Spiritually, I have a good belief system with my religion and faith in g-d. Regarding my health, I would like to improve on my diet and eating full balanced meals daily. Emotionally, I want to work on always thinking before my actions and making better personal decisions.

Spiritually, I want to be more In tune with my mind-body-spirit and learn to relax anxiety easier. 5. I think Yoga will help me physically by learning to calm down body tension, which can help me exercise In a better fashion. Emotionally, I feel calmer, and less stressed after each yoga class and I always seem to find myself in a good overall mood. Spiritually, distractions of daily life. I think and hope yoga will help me make more positive lifestyle changes, and I am excited to see what happens!

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