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One of The University of Illinois Memorial Stadium main objectives is to provide a variety of activities and events that our student, student athletes, alumni and surrounding community can actively participate in. In this case, the objective Is to promote to musicians and artist our new music/art showcase and gallery that would allow them to meet new artist, network and get a chance to be heard by hundreds of new people.

Also, it is important that everyone In the community gets Involved, this means that focus will not only be put on current art and music enthusiast but also on younger age groups that might be Interested In getting Involved. This event does not only help benefit the community because of the profit It brings In for the campus but It also has benefits for the artist and musicians. Participants will be provided with a visually engaging, fun, and creative place where people are open minded towards new art and music.

In order for this to be accomplished Memorial Stadium has taken tepees to reach out to everyone in and around campus. One way this was done is by adding an event on Backbone to reach out to the younger audience around the Champaign community. Also, in this new age of social media Memorial Stadium has also posted a vine about the Art/Music gallery and showcase. There are also mini- posters and trio-folds located at various places such as the ARC, Armory and CIRCE. Some are also located off campus and around bus stops. This event will be fun for everyone to attend and have a great experience.

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