Yankee Stadium

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I chose to write about a couple of stadiums that are/were used by one team. At the conclusion of the 2008 Major League Baseball season, the old Yankee stadium in New York completed its 88th and final year of hosting the Yankees. The new Yankees Stadium in New York just wrapped up their second regular season of hosting the Yankees, after they moved from their old ballpark across the street. In this paper I hope to compare some differences and similarities between the two stadiums.

Specifically the cost of the stadiums, the amenities each one provides, and the differences a spectator may experience from visiting the new stadium compared to the old one. One of the main differences between the two stadiums is how much they cost. In 1923 the Old Yankee stadium was built for 2. 5 million dollars. Compare that to the 1. 3 billion dollar price tag on the new stadium, which started construction in 2006 (ballparks. com). Now I am not a financial genius, but I don???t think inflation made that big of a difference in an 83 year time period.

I believe a majority of the price for the new stadium, which was primarily funded by the

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Yankees, was used to replicate the old stadium and make changes that would increase the baseball experience for fans, and increase revenue for the Yankees. Although the outfield in the new Yankee stadium has the same dimensions as the old stadium, there are quite a few differences off the field. Surprisingly there are almost 6600 fewer seats in the new stadium compared to the old one. The fewer seats however, allowed for bigger seats to be installed in the new stadium with 3. 5 inches to 9. 5 inches of extra leg room.

Cup holders were not available in the old stadium, which meant fans would have to place their drinks on the ground and risk them meeting kicked or stepped on. In the new stadium, all general seating has cup holders. One of the major revenue producers for the Yankees is the addition of 410 party suites to the new stadium, quite a large jump from the zero they had in the old stadium. In addition to the party suites, the new stadium also increased the number of private luxury suites from 19 to 56. These suites can provide a lot of revenue, and help make up the loss of money due to having fewer seats than the old stadium.

In addition to the increased comfort level at a Yankees game, there are a lot of other conveniences. There are now 444 total permanent and portable points of sale for concessions in the new stadium. The old stadium had 298 permanent and portable points of sale before the team transitioned to the new stadium. The concourse width in the new stadium is almost double the width of the old stadium from 17 feet to 32 feet. The restrooms in the new stadium increased from 1 for every 89 fans, to 1 for every 60 fans. The new stadium also includes 12 family style restrooms, whereas the old stadium had none.

Maybe one of the most important improvements in the new stadium is the scoreboard. The new stadiums scoreboard is over twice as high and more than three times wider than the old stadiums. As you can see, the cost of these two stadiums was very different although they were built for the same purpose. The new stadium was built to maintain the prestige of the Yankees organization while providing a more comfortable environment for people to watch a baseball game. I do not think the Yankees will have a problem paying the gigantic price tag on the new stadium either.



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