Covalent bonds are formed by the (1) of electrons. Covalent substancees have (2) electrical conductivity.
What substance is not used as a fuel?
Which changes of condition slow down the reaction between magnesium and air?
Using magnesium ribbon instead of powdered magnesium.
Dilute sulguric acid is added to a mixture of copper, magnesium and zinc in a beaker. The beaker is left for about 10 minutes and its contents are then filtered. What does the filtrate contain?
Magnesium sulphate and zinc sulphate.
Why is argon used instead of air in the light blub?
The filament glows more brightly.
Element X exists as diatomic molecules. In which group oof the Periodic Table is X placed?
Group VII
Which statement is correct about all metals?
They may be used to form alloys.
Alloys are (X).
(Y) alloys conduct electricity.
A piece of equipment needs to be made from a metal that is of low density, relatively strong and resistant to corrosion. Which metal is best suited for this?
What is true about diamond and graphite.
They are different solid forms of the same element.
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