XML and Data Management Essay

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The first important change brought about by the internet technology is the use of XML in data management which has widened the research opportunities for researchers.

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language which offers a way of structuring data on the web where developers can structure their own tags for the content. Through XML, they describe, deliver and exchange data between different applications. The key benefits of XML can be seen in the data interchange process.This includes the reducing the cost in interchanging data between different applications and also allowing it to be understood easily by different softwares and hardwares since it is a plain text format. Moreover, since it allows to structure data, XML can be used to create structured documents according to the business requirements indicating that it is flexible and extensible.

XML has brought about a revolution in the field of Web information systems and technology allowing the web servers and application to encode their data in XML for providing information in simple usable formats with enhanced interoperability.This function is extremely important from the perspective of data management since information is provided in a convenient and usable format. Software companies and houses have realized the importance of XML based data management and have not only started to produce XML based products for their customers but also implemented the system internally. XML is mostly used in business web applications such as e-commerce, supply chain management and application integration.

It also allows data to be structured and then be available in multiple formats and devices (Kowalkiewicz, Orlowska, Kaczmarek and Abramowicz 2009).XML has also widened research opportunities because it has lead to information integration on the internet and also promised of turning Web into a database. Encoding of information in XML has enabled the execution of expressive, data-base like queries over the web data which is actually the function to be performed by traditional database management systems. This way the benefits of XML in data management are many which has led to the adoption of the language worldwide.

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