Xbox Live as a Social Media

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During these modern times, social media has expanded rapidly. Televisions are now being made in High Definition; computers are now being used for watching videos and social networking; and video games can now be played on a console that connects with other players live and around the world to compete with them. Having LIVE on Xbox you can do many things that would normally require a computer or cable for television because you can watch HD movies and TV shows along with voice and text chat, and photo sharing.

But, if you are a gold member which requires a payment, you get even more such as video streaming on Netflix, play games online with friends, have Xbox LIVE parties, and use facebook and twitter straight from the console. When you have Xbox LIVE you feel as if you can do anything. All you have to do is sit comfortably in your gaming chair, and have everything you want to entertain yourself at your very fingertips. “Xbox LIVE truly is the ultimate gaming arena. as said in the article Xbox LIVE on the Gamertag website. This is just another way of kids and teenagers to avoid going to someone’s house and play a

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game with a friend because they can just connect with those same friends through Xbox LIVE. Having a profile on Xbox LIVE helps the audience express themselves through what they put onto their profile and how they make their avatars look which should be a replica of what the gamer looks like.

This media practice also helps users to connect with others by finding someone to play with from anywhere around the world and experience a video game together by competing with each other or working as teammates. Through this game system, you can connect with the world with just a click of a button.

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