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Hammurabi's code an eye for an eye
rivers of the river valley civilization Tigris and Euphrates
five characteristics of a civilization tech, cities, special workers,writing and complex instution
role of the pharaohs Egyptian god kings
natural barrier that separates India and china Himalayan mountains
Aryan influence on the Indian caste system Aryans were the wealthy higher up people
define reincrnation being born again
Chinese dynastic cycles they lost the mandate of heaven
role of civil service exams in china to put people in jobs based on their skill level
polis city state
hellenism the blending of Greek and eastern culture
comedy and tragedy in Greek culture main genre of entertainment
the role of Alexander the great he created hellenism
similarities between Athens and Rome Athens had a democracy and Rome had a
monothesim belief in one god
Ibn Battuta spread Islamic faith throughout the world
five pillars of Islam faith, fasting, prayer, pilgrimage, charity
Ibn sina wrote books about medcine
holy text of Islam Christianity, and Juudaism qur'an bible Torah
3 Abrahamic religions Islam Christianity Judaism
excommunication when e is kicked out the church
influence of Justinian and Theodora on the byzantine empire law code recapture of land and building projects
chinampas aztec floating garden
tenochtitlan aztec capital city

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