Works councils in Germany

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Works councils operate by the power that is accrued from this new legislation.

Works councils in Germany operate by grouping employees in different sectors depending on commonality of their employment issues. Works councils are formed by employees that are working in the same environment. They work by educating employees on various issues that concern employment. This includes terms of payment and the working environment that is required. Works councils in Germany operate by representing employees to their employers in relation to issues that concern them.They simply voice concerns of employees to employers and also get a feedback on the specific issues.

The feedback is relayed back to employees. They work by ensuring that employers implement their policies and promises that they have given to the employees. Works councils operate by shielding employees against any harassment on job or in whatever way. In this way these work councils have been quite effective in protecting and also representing employees.This has been so because the law or the works constitutional reform Act has provided much support.

Works councils in Germany operate by separating the bargaining over the wages and the work place change process. Efficient work organization methods are fostered through negotiations. This helps in solving problems at work more effectively and efficiently. Scholars are suggesting that works councils be established by legislation in Australia because of various reasons. The degree of unionization in Australia is continuing to decline with time.

If works councils can be established by legislation then problems of employee representation will be greatly solved. Scholars suggest that if works councils are established by legislation in Australia, then these bodies will have power and more voice they will be protected by the law. If this is implemented then it will greatly affect council of works efficiency and effectiveness. There are very many contributors who have examined the opportunities of legalising works councils in Australia.According to Hamburger and Gollan, there are very many legislative options that can be implemented in Australia.

In case works councils are implemented, then legislation would greatly promote them. This would lead to broadening of safety and health committees and in turn provide employees with more extensive consultation. This could also lead to the amendment of (section 170K) of Workplace Relations Act. This will help in allowing works committees to be made with certified agreements.

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