Works Councils And Management Of Employment Relationship In Australia

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This paper is dealing with works councils and their role in management and employment relationship in Australia. It clearly explains what works councils are.

It is also dealing with how works councils operate in countries like Germany. An explanation is given as to why scholars are suggesting that works councils should be established by legislation in Australia. This paper also shows arguments for and against the establishment of works councils in Australian Works council is an organization that represents workers or employees.This organization works or operates at local level and it normally compliments labour negotiations. This organization has different names depending on where it operates.

It operates in many European nations including France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. In Belgium, it is known as Ondernemingsraad while in Germany it is called Betriebsrat. Implementation of this institution in Germany has been termed as the most successful and one that has been examined the most. This organization follows labour agreements that are enacted by national unions like IG Metall at national levels.These labour agreements are normally adjusted to circumstances in the local environment.

These adjustments are normally made when firms and local plants meet. Council ministers also decided to start up European Works Council in the 1994 in the month of September. German system of industrial relations has works councils as major element. On June the year 2001, a law was passed on reformation of Works Constitution Act after a controversial debate was carried out. In July the year 2001 there was the approval of new Works Constitution Reform Act.

This Act was implemented in the same year in the month of July. The Works Constitution Act has procedures on the right way that labour relations in Germany have to operate. The works council works in countries like Germany by allowing employees to be part and parcel of decisions that are normally made where they work. The works councils allow employees to participate in all the areas that affect them.

These areas include; economic matters, personnel and social welfare. These organizations in Germany work by protecting the employees’ interests.They give the employees a ‘voice’ at the workplace and even to their immediate surrounding environment. They educate employees on the essence of cooperation in the working environment. They highly emphasize on social partnerships. There is also conciliation and arbitration system that supports the operation of works councils.

Works councils in this case help in enacting of workplace democratic conditions. Works councils operate by helping in the opening of opportunities. These opportunities help in enhancing working life such that it is more civilized.This helps employees to have greater opportunities in the work place.

Works councils in Germany operate by educating employees on their voting rights. There is limited penetration by works councils in Germany especially in areas where the establishments are very small. There are always strict sanctions that are normally imposed on employers that try to restrict the formation of works councils. This is because they are hindering progress and employee voice in this case. The legislation in the German government plays a big role in how works councils operate.

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