Working with Solutions Flashcard

What gives water its "flavor"?
Minerals, fluoride, chloride and metallic ions give water its "flavor".

What is Suspension?

Suspension is a mixture where the particles can be visible and seperated by settling and filtration. An example, would be a snow globe.
What is Solution?

Solution is a well-mixed solution. Salt and water mixed, the salt dissolved in water.

What is a Colloid?
Colloid is a mixture that has particles bigger than ones in solution but it can not be seen. It can scatter light beams. Fog, milk and Jello and examples.
What is a Solvent?
Solvent is the part of a solution that makes up the largest amount.
What is a Solute?
Solute is the substance present in a solution ina  small amount and it can dissolved by the solvent.

Explain about water, the solvent.

Without water, there would be no life.

Cells are made mostly of water and dissolved chemicals.

Digestion takes place in water solutions.

Plants get their nutrients from the water solution in the soil.

Solution without water.

Gasoline is a solution of several different liquid fuels.

Solutions are made up of any combination of gas, liquid or solid.

What happens when a solution forms?
When a solution forms, the particles of solute leave each other and become surrounded by particles of solvent.
What happens when an Ionic solid dissolves in a solution?
The negative and positive ions are attracted to the polar water molecules. The water molecules surround themselves with each ion as it leaves to the surface of crystal. The more molecules exposed, the more ions dissolve.
Describe Molecular solutes.

The polar water molecules attract  polar sugar molecules. This causes sugar molecules to move away from eac other. But covalent bonds aren’t broken.

Dilute solution

Little solute in the mixture

Concentrated Solution

More solute in the mixture

Define soluble.

The measure of how well a solute can dissolve at a given temperature.

Define saturated and unsaturated solution.

If solution no longer can dissolve any more solue then it is called saturated.

As long as solution can continue dissolving solute then it is called unsaturated.

Supersaturated solution

These occur in non-normal lconditions.

Soda with carbonation is a supersaturated solution where CO2 is dissolved at high pressure and sealed.

How does Temperature affect solubilty?

For liquids high temperature means better solubilty.

For gases high temperature and high pressure means better solubilty.

How does solvents mix?

Polar will dissolve in polar and nonpolar will dissolve in nonpolar.
Solutes effects on solutions
Will decrease freezing point and it will raise boiling point.

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