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The American society portrays this Image or concept that everyone would work out to stay healthy and look attractive. With this concept more people are starting to work out and people who work out are starting to work out more often. Although lifting high amounts of weight when working out my give off the image that you are strong or becoming stronger, it is better if you complete the exercise with weight that you can do many repetitions with and use proper form while doing the workout.

The common perspective of working out paints the Image of a muscular giant who lifts an incredible amount of weight, therefore people try to mimic this image. Some people refuse to believe that people can become muscular by lifting lighter amounts of weight, with that they believe that if you want to become bigger you need to lift bigger weights. People think that in order to capture a nice, sculpted, chiseled body like professional body builders or professional athletes that you must lift the same amount of weight that they do.

What you may not know is that you don’t have to lift those heavy weights to become strong. It is actually a lot better for your body if you do not lift those heavy weights. If you do more repetitions with proper form you can become stronger than lifting high mounts of weight. This is surprising to most people because there are people who have been working out for a years, who are capable of lifting high amounts of weight, and there are other people who are Just starting to work out.

Those people who are just starting to workout see these individuals who have experience and are capable of lifting heavy weight and assume that you need to lift heavy weights to be strong like those experienced individuals. A amateur lifter from the local gym, Jarred Stared, who has placed in 7 overpowering competitions, and is qualified to go to the USA lifting championship this summer to ran his BIBB Pro Card, which would make him the youngest person ever to accomplish this feat. He said repetition and nutrition was the key to becoming muscular.

I asked Stared what his view points were on becoming stronger and muscular and he replied with “l still lift heavy but that is the least of my worries. I don’t care about how much weight there is as long as my muscles are contracting,” he also said “It does not matter about how much you are lifting if your form is off. If contracting in the proper way. ” Followed by, “lifting heavy weights and attempting to o an exercise with bad form can be really harmful to your body and can cause serious damage to your muscles. Jarred Stared is becoming very well known for lifting and his physical appearance, but he does not focus his attention on weight, he focuses on form. Because of this method of working out Jarred is favored to become the youngest person to ever get a BIBB Pro Card. The method Jarred uses, which focuses on form, has brought him a great amount of accomplishment and although he still lifts heavy that is not the focal point to his success.

A common website that people refer to for help on lifting and working out is outbuilding. Com. Many people view this site because many professional body builders give advice on which supplements to take and what exercises to do to become muscular and gain an attractive, chiseled, physique. I looked at many different work out routines and exercises for muscle gaining and guess what I found out, almost all of the exercises require high amounts of repetition and emphasis the use of proper form for the best results.

There are numerous consequences that can occur with lifting heavy weight. You can get a hernia from lifting weight that is too heavy for you. A hernia according to Webmd. Mom occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot in a surrounding muscle or connective tissue called fascia. (WebMD. Com) The most common types of hernia are inguinal (inner groin), incision’s (resulting from an incision), femoral (outer groin), umbilical (belly button), and withal (upper stomach).

Other injuries consist of muscle damage, spinal damage, and even cardiovascular damage, which can all be very serious. (WebMD. Com) Many people are starting to work out and it is a huge part in how many people live their lives today. Many people workout for different reasons, most common reason is o stay is the best, healthiest shape possible, others lift because the modern society paints this image of needing to workout to look attractive and bigger than average.

With that image people take different routes to reach that portrayed image. Lifting weights and working out to become stronger and muscular takes time, but how you go about doing it depends on how fast you’ll reach your goal. With knowledge from amateur lifters, bodybuilding. Com and Webmd. Com I think it is very clear that lift weight that you can rep multiple times with proper form is the best and most beneficial way to work out.

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