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An interactive presentation through the aide of technology is considered to be one of the most important and exciting features of the program. Handling animated presentations as to what the organization plans to do to be able to meet the needs of the employees especially with regards their health is a more comprehensive manner of presenting to the employees that the organization is indeed concerned as to what kind of working environment they are actually performing their tasks in.

(WORKSHOPS AND OPEN FORUMS) Workshops would actually enhance the capability of the employees in understanding the real reasons behind the implication of the changes that they need to realize and cooperate with. Open forums on the other hand are to be held to be able to give way to the suggestions of the employees themselves with regards the issue being solved in the program. Training development A TWO-DAY In-training is already enough to present to the employees what they need to know about the situation. To be able to get the best results from the training, several aspects should be considered.

i. Facilities: Since the program is in-training, the forum area should be considered along with all the

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chairs and the tables to be used during training. Even though 65% of the program is on lecture, it is important that the employees to be trained are comfortable. ii. Trainer: The trainers are to come from the higher administration of the organization itself and some other speakers are to be invited as well to be able to source out other informations from other experts on the matter. iii. Equipment: Among the equipments to be used are computers, projectors and sound system enhancers.

Everything should be set even before program proper begins. Training Evaluation As noted above, there are different employee needs that ought to receive attention by the management. Giving attention to these needs shall indeed allow the possibilities for the entire organization to be able to attain the progress that they are aiming to reach. In this regard, the reward system is indeed a matter of important issue that needs to be given concern. Reward system actually implies the idea of giving the employees back with the efforts that they put forth for the business organizations that they are working for.

A matter of recognition of their efforts such as that of the achievement awards shall indeed boost the confidence of the employees in doing what they are supposed to complete for the business organization that they are particularly serving. It is undeniable that with this particular boosting of their confidence, they are more imposed with the capabilities of making possible changes for their organization through applying better performance for the sake achieving something better for themselves and for the organization as well.

In the mean time, monetary-based reward could also assist in the process of helping the employees realize of their worth in the organization. Through this, it is indeed necessary for the organizations to make a constant identification on how they are able to give the provisions that they are noted to give their employees with. This understanding clearly showed the importance of knowing how several elements of different practices in the society could contribute to a certain goal.

In this regard, it has been discovered that the principles applied in architecture, psychology and business itself could be applied in a single goal of keeping good employees to remain loyal in certain organization. It is through careful application of the principles to meet the embedded goals of a certain organization that the said procedure of merging works. In this study, the evidence to the effectiveness of the said procedural approach has been proven through the interview process.

It has been through the performance of this procedure that the importance of the merging process of the principles of Architecture, Psychology and Business has been presented well. Through the presentation of the diagrams the insights of the practices within the process of keeping good employees have been established hence, making this research an applicable source of knowledge for business entrepreneurs who are aiming to build up the loyalty of their employees to their organization.

Thus, to be able to see if the program preferred indeed addresses the said different issues that regard the need for creating a more workable environment for the employees and the administration as well, several aspects of effectiveness should be considered: ? Effectiveness? The effectiveness of the program shall be measured on the outcome of the training which could be seen from feedbacks from the trainees. The built camaraderie between the employees and managing administration shall also be one of the identifying factors of the said matter.

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