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This paper is dealing with a case study in a health institution. The issue in this health institution is about ‘wait time’ that takes quite a long time.

This organization has a new C. E. O who encourages the staff to be experimental and innovative. According to her, this is one way through which staff can be empowered.

One of the departmental supervisors is not for the idea as she views this issue as normal and will continue to be like that.The concern of the team is that there may lack cooperation from the stakeholders in the organization. For instance, it is the concern of the team that the C. E. O may not give support in this matter because of the supervisor’s stand on the whole issue. Looking at this organization, it is very clear that the CEO was used to authoritarian leadership where he did not consult concerning decision making.

There was a resent in service on participative decision making, respect and communication in relation to workplace environment.Being part of the team, we decided to consult the director of human resources in relation to the whole issue. (Beitler, 2006) The director of human resources said that it was important that we sought professional help as this would assists us to deal with the issue in a more informed way. She suggested that we have to inform all the stakeholders concerning our initiative to solve the problem of ‘wait time’.

She told us to expect criticism and lack of support for change from some stakeholders.She suggested that this should be expected but that should not deter us from proceeding with the initiative. (Rutler, 2005) Our team proceeded by informing all the stakeholders of the initiative in relation to the problem in the organization. This was done by calling for a meeting whereby all the stakeholders were invited for the same. In the meeting, we made it very clear of our initiative and asked for the stakeholders views and support wherever they would be required to do so.

The change process that we would use would be very simple- observing, analyzing and then adjusting. Observation This is the first step of the process that we would use. In this step we would find out what makes the staff in this health institution want to accomplish a task. We would also be very keen on the organizational needs.

In this step we realize that personal satisfaction works better and therefore we would try to ensure that the change is relevant to every stakeholder.In this stage of the process, we will try to explain to every staff or stakeholder for that matter the benefit of reducing ‘waiting time’ in the institution. This will be explained so that they see the benefit at the individual level and not just at the organizational level. (Kotz, 2004) Then we would try to remove any inhibitions in stakeholders whereby some say that they tried this or that strategy before and it did not succeed. This are normally called cries of despair and we will try our best to explain to the stakeholders the need of reducing waiting time.

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