Workers’ Compensation Plan

There must be workers’ compensation in any company. It is very important for an employer to take care of employees’ health and their safety issues. Law supports workers’ compensation of medical care for the injuries obtained during employment. Those disabled should receive two thirds of their salary as a form of compensation. Employees have a right to sue their employers for their failure to compensate those who are injured. An employee also should obtain insure for workers’ compensation claims.

In California especially employees who have no insurance cover for workers compensation have a penalty imposed to them. Workers compensation In the chip-manufacturing company, workers’ health and safety are well taken care of. There is workers’ compensation applied in the company to take care of the employees. Workers compensation entails compensation medical care for the workers who are injured at work. Employees in this company have a right to sue the employer if he or she fails to compensate medical care for those injured during employment.

There are some benefits paid to the dependents of the employee who died during employment (Thomason & Burton, 2001, p. 27). There are laws that govern the workers’ compensations in California that we do follow to make sure that our employees who are injured on the job are provided with fixed monetary awards. Workers’ compensation law also benefits the dependents of the employers who died during employment. It also favors the employers for it limits the amount an injured employee can get from an employer as a form of compensation.

There are cases where you get some employees becoming disabled while at work due to some injuries. In the chip-manufacturing company, we have some monetary payments done to the employees who have disabilities either permanent or temporary (Mandell, 2004, p. 89). All our employees are supposed to subscribe to insurance for workers’ compensation so that they can be compensated in case of any injuries. There are some penalties imposed to an employee who fails to subscribe. We highly care for our employees’ health and we always advocate for their safety.

This company hires anybody who qualifies including those who have filed workers compensation claim because we believe it is their right to claim for compensations that need to be provided. There is no discrimination of employees in this company. What we discourage is employees falsely claiming benefits. If one has got those injuries out of their leisure activities, we do not reimburse any medical care. We also do not encourage workers to contest for workers’ compensation payments.

If we fail to compensate medical care we expect our employees to consult a lawyer who have experience in handling workers’ compensation claims (Lencsis, 2002, p. 132). This does not mean that there is a possibility of us not reimbursing medical care for our employees who are injured. There are no compensations for those employees who die out of their own will or die out of intoxications. Employees who are disabled are required to undergo retraining. The disabled employees are given two thirds of their salary during the period of their disability.

In case of permanent disability, an employee receives more than two thirds of his or her salary. This also applicable to the employees who have permanent physical injuries and have dependents. If there are some survivors of the employees who are killed, they are also provided with compensation. The chip-manufacturing company has obtained insurance for the workers’ compensation claims that covers such claims. This insurance also sets up some fund for the claims that the company has illegally failed to insure against.