Work and Play Essay

“I have called ‘play’ either as a vacation designed to do us ‘work’ better when it is over or simply as ‘work’ of another sort” ( Oakeshott ) . In his article Work and Play. Michael Oakeshott goes into item about human’s desire for pleasance. Oakeshott explain that in order to accomplish that “true happiness” we must work for it. even though “playing” is involved in the procedure of making this felicity every bit good. Work is defined by Oakeshott as the attempt to use and take advantage of the resources given to us on Earth.

“‘Work’ is a uninterrupted and arduous activity. ineluctable in animals moved by wants. in which the natural universe is made to provide satisfaction for those wants” ( Oakeshott ) . He describes work as being a successful way to acquire to the fulfilment we desire as worlds. the satisfaction we need. With this in head. Oakeshott makes a good point in saying that felicity and fulfilment can non be achieved with out work or attempt. We must utilize our mind to execute work to the best of our ability. this manner we can guarantee that the result of our work will carry through our desires and “make us happy” .

Another mean to carry through and carry through our desires is by “playing” . “‘Play. ’ in short. bases for something that is neither ‘work’ nor ‘rest’” ( Oakeshott ) . What Oakeshott mean by this is that in a larger graduated table. the word “play” could stand for an activity that demands a accomplishment that is non necessary to obtain something or to make something out of it. But unlike working. playing does non convey defeat along with satisfaction. it merely brings satisfaction. There are two types of philosophers: a materialist and a non-materialist.

Michael Oakeshott can be categorized as a materialist. First of all. a materialist is person that believes that a “material world” is all there is. and everything comes from “the active intellect” . This believes were besides shared by Descartes. Aristotle. and even Thomas Aquinas. They believe that affair is the lone substance. unlike those who believe that there is more than affair: “the causeless cause” . Augustine and Plato. non-materialists. believed that everything returns from a higher religious being. the causeless cause.

In the position of a non-materialist. things that have a much deeper significance will convey you happiness. For illustration. alternatively of working for yourself. working for others and assisting other will convey more fulfilments into your life. Harmonizing to materialists believes and instructions. working for your ain satisfaction is the lone manner to accomplish felicity ; it is the material thing that affair. I agree with both materialists and non-materialists manner of thought. I do non believe either one of the extremes will convey true felicity and fulfilment.

I wholly agree with Oakeshott description of work. I do believe that if person does non work nil will come out of it. or that person is non traveling to accomplish anything. I besides agree with Plato and Augustine’s instructions about the Godhead religious light. I genuinely believe that there is such thing as an causeless cause. and since I am Catholic. I believe that that causeless cause is God. With that said. merely because I believe in God. does non intend that God is traveling to protect me and extinguish everything that does non convey me felicity.

God merely provides us with the necessary resources that we can use do something out of them that will truly fulfill us. Oakeshott makes some good points in his article Work and Play about the methods to carry through satisfaction. There are two tracts. harmonizing to Oakeshott. to be able to make fulfilment which are: work and drama. I agree with his point of position. but I do non needfully believe that work and drama are the ground behind true felicity. there is more than that: the causeless cause.

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