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1. Introduction

The visited campground is Wong Siu Sang Leadership Training Institute. After site visited, we found the campground provided different plans and activities to allow the participants experience the out-of-door escapade. We are now traveling to carry on a study about the provided plan and installations of the campground and discourse the hazard direction program on installations and its strengths and failings.

2. Adventure installations and programme

This campground provided different installations and assorted degree plans for participants to dispute. For the installations, it divided into two countries, which is low-elements country and high- hazard elements.

In the Low-elements country, the provided installations are about for executing squad activities. It aims to develop trust within a group. All Low – elements installations are chiefly for the low hazard takers, as they are deficiency of experiences. Once they achieved and completed the challenges, their self- regard can be boosted and they will be willing to accept higher degree challenge.

The installations are show as follow:

  1. Trust Fall Stand


This is the base for participants perform “Trust fall” , in order to develop trust and built up the team’s liquors.

  1. Low-Beam



All participants required to traverse over the beam from front side to the back side. Team cooperation is needed during the activity, otherwise, it will go failure.

  1. Net Crossing Challenge


Participants have to traverse the net from one side to the other side. Team support is the important component to finish this challenge.

  1. High wall


All participants have to traverse over the wall by push or draw up the participants. Team must travel towards to the end in order to finish the challenge. Therefore, trust and cooperation of squad can be built.

""For High component installations, it divided into a challenge zone with 10 different degrees. Participants can dispute the high hazard installations by single or group in 3 to 4. The provided installations are purposes to heighten participant’s assurance and provided a opportunity for them to derive experience in order to use in their day-to-day life.

The high hazard installations are show as follow:

  1. Over the Star


Participants need to touch the top of the leading start from land. This challenge can be done with a group or separately

  1. Power Pole


Participants have to mount up from the land and leap out to touch the orange ball from the base. Braveness and assurance can be developed after coating this activities.

  1. Unidentified flying object


This activity is executing in group of three. One individual stands on the home base, the remainder of other participants need to draw down the strings, in order to maintain the home base balance. Team cooperation and communicating are the key to success.

  1. “High V”


Two participants stand on the overseas telegram and cross it together. Consistency is needed to get the better of this challenge.

3. Hazard direction program

There are six facets of hazard direction program that the campground has implemented.

  1. Construction
  • All the escapade installations are constructed harmonizing to ACCT Standard which provided by the Association for Challenge Course Technology. Harmonizing to the seventh Edition of ACCT Standards, the Qualified Designer is responsible for planing single challenge class elements every bit good as full class constructions installations. The Qualified Installer shall hold important installing experience and shall use well-developed installing techniques, which are applied to efficaciously put in class elements harmonizing to the current edition of the ACCT criterions.
  1. Staff preparation
  • Wong Siu Sang Leadership Training Institute holds ACCT Certification Workshop in order to develop trainer and director. There are three degrees of Certification Trainer which are Level I Certification Trainer, Level II Certification Trainer and Course Manager Certification Trainer. Harmonizing to the seventh Edition of ACCT Standards, Each progressing degree of making requires an every bit progressing degree of expertness, preparation, and experience on the portion of the trainer.
  • There are regular patterns of exigency services. Participants must be deliverance within 12 proceedingss.
  1. Programing
  • Wong Siu Sang Leadership Training Institute recruits Project Adventure to present programming class. The class provides cognition, theoretical apprehension and proficient accomplishments. The programmes of Project Adventure make non merely concentrate on physical province of participants but besides their psychological science. Challenge by Choice and Full Value Contract are used as the construct of the escapade programme.
  • The ratio of manager and staff is 1:8
  1. Safety Precaution
  • Standard Operation Procedure is a written papers which provided an operation guideline for staff to follow when escapade activities are held in order to cut down the hazard uncertainness. For illustration, participants must have on helmet and usage belayer when they are take parting in high component activities.
  • All escapade activities must be held under the supervising of Full-Time Challenge Course Manager.
  • Scout Association of Hong Kong Administration Branch develops a Eventuality Measures in Cases of Inclement Weather and Air Pollution. For illustration, participants must go forth under Typhoon signal no.3 or above.
  • Emergency Procedure are outlined as written papers. ( See Appendix A )
  1. Facility Maintenance
  • Professional Vendor Members of ACCT carry out one-year review and supply comprehensive study.
  • Staff carry out a monthly review and look into the installations about before and after the plans.
  • All constituents and equipment such as karabiners and ropes are followed by the criterion of Conformity with European ( CE ) .
  • All equipment is stored in an air conditioning room in order to forestall mold.
  • The use record of equipment is marked after each activity.
  1. Others
  • Merely organisation and group can use for the campground.
  • Staffs are required to subject sexual strong belief record.
  • Insurance is used as a hazard transportation tool. The types of insurance are Public Liability Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance. ( See appendix B )

4. Strengths of the hazard direction program

  • International criterion for building

ACCT criterion was used for building after sweetening plants since 2012. The impermanent outdoor mounting wall fell down in 2010 because of typhoon signal figure 10. Before 2012, there is no building criterion of the escapade installations. The ACCT criterion is professional as the interior decorator and installer are professional so that the opportunity of accidents can be reduced. Besides, he material used of the building is comprehensive. As the constrictors know the campground is nearby sea, they use unstained steel for overseas telegram other than Fe so that the overseas telegrams do non eat easy. Therefore, the hazard of accidents can be reduced.

  • Regular patterns of exigency services

The campground director hold exigency services patterns on a regular basis. If participants are trapped on the installations, staff must deliver them within 12 proceedingss. Otherwise, participants may endure from suspension injury. It is of import for staff to hold adept accomplishments in deliverance so that the hazard of participants enduring from suspension injury can be reduced.

  • All-rounded design of programme

The programmes of campground are developed by Adventure Project which focuses on the construct of challenge by pick and full value contract.

Challenge by Choice

Challenge by Choice ( CBC ) means that all the participants have the right to take whether take parting in certain degree of challenge and the extent of activities. The determination depends on the person, without reserve and, most significantly, without inquiring why person has made a peculiar pick and the facilitator will non coerce the participants to make anything in order to avoid the participant entry the terror zone. Take the escapade installation ‘Over the star’ an illustration, the participant have the right to make up one’s mind the tallness. They can make up one’s mind whether ascent under the star or over the star, or even climb to one metre.

Full Value Contract

Full Value Contract ( FVC ) depends on each member of the group. The group has its ain value. These values are combined for groups of behaviour, behavior guidelines and specifications through encouragement, end scene and group treatment.

The basic rules include 1.Be present 2. Pat attending 3. Talk your truth 4. Be unfastened to outcome 5. Make a safe environment. FVC’s chief thought is that group members comply with the behavior specifications they agreed, so that they can accomplish the ends through teamwork.

  • Clear Guideline for Safety Precaution

Detailss of safety safeguard are stated in standard operation process and Contingency Measures in Cases of Inclement Weather and Air Pollution are developed so that staff holding a clear apprehension in forming and taking the programme. Furthermore, the supervising of Full-Time Challenge Course Manager guarantee that experient staff can assist in pressing state of affairs. The above steps cut down hazard uncertainness.

  • Good Care of Facilities and Equipment

The one-year review by professional Vendor Member ensures the escapade installations are good in status. The air status room ensures the quality of equipment. The staff usage bluish ropes for high component activities and violet ropes for low component activities. As the impairment of bluish ropes is much higher than violet ropes, staff renew the bluish ropes more often. They renew the ropes around three to five old ages. They will tag record of the usage of equipment. Therefore, the equipment are good in status to guarantee safety.

  • Merely Accept Application of Group and Organization

As the background information and intent of the organisation is clear, campsite can develop a suited programme for the participants. It is unsafe to supply escapade programme to single as their background and intent is unknown.

  • Asking sexual strong belief record from staff

Campsite avoids necessitating staff with sexual strong belief record in order to forestall sexual dirt. It is of import to guarantee the repute of the campground.

7. Decision

Wong Siu Sang Leadership Training institute is a great topographic point to see out-of-door escapade. The comprehensive plans and well-designed installations allow participants see out-of-door escapade efficaciously. Although some errors found during the visit, nevertheless, the suggested solutions can assist the preparation institute to better and go perfect. In complete, tonss of cognition and experience learnt and gained from this site visit.

Appendix A

Emergency Procedure

Managing accident

  1. The manager or full clip staff need to depend on the earnestness of accident, whereby determine whether the activity keeps traveling or non.
  1. The full clip staff should instantly get the location of accident to manage and find whether call ambulance or non in any accident.
  1. The full clip staff need to set up the appropriate intervention and bespeak the individual in charge of unit to inform the immediate dependant of victim.
  1. If the victim needs to handle in infirmary, the full clip staff should instantly name ambulance and the individual in charge of unit should attach to the victim to travel infirmary. Besides, the full clip staff demand to compose down the figure of ambulance and the name and contact of the individual in charge of unit so that the staff can cognize the state of affairs of victim and facilitate hereafter contact.
  1. The full clip staff should instantly make full in the accident study ( CP-A1 ) .
  1. If the victim rejects to handle in the infirmary, he or she needs to subscribe the refused admittance certification ( CP-A2 ) .

Follow-up work

  1. The full clip staff request the individual in charge of unit or the leader to inform the immediate dependant of victim.
  1. If the victim needs to handle in infirmary, the state of affairs of directing infirmary should be recorded.
  1. If the victim rejects to handle in the infirmary, he or she needs to subscribe the refused admittance certification ( CP-A2 ) .
  1. The full clip staff need to enter the accident in day-to-day log.


Appendix B

Public Liability Insurance

Industry and commercialism are based on a scope of procedures and activities that have the possible to impact 3rd parties ( members of the populace, visitants, intruders, sub-contractors, etc. who may be physically injured or whose belongings may be damaged or both ) . Public Liability is a concern insurance policy that offers companies of all sectors and sizes screen against hurt or harm claims. This policy will protect your concern if the populace has an accident at your work countries. If they suffer hurt or harm to their belongings whilst on your countries, you might good happen yourself faced with a claim against you.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Policy benefits and entitlements:

  • Payment is available on a hebdomadal footing for loss of income due to inadvertent hurt
  • Lump amount payments for decease and lasting disablements for accidents
  • Cover is available 24 hours worldwide, or can be limited to working hours
  • Losingss will be insured up to 104 hebdomads after the accident or unwellness

Coverage subdivisions of the policy:

  • Accidental Death
  • Broken Boness due to Accident
  • Impermanent Total Disablement due to Accident
  • Permanent and Partial Disability due to Accident

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