Women of Race in the Late 19th Century Essay

During the American Civil War all the free white work forces of the southern Confederacy had left their places to contend the war. While the white male Southerners were out contending conflicts they left their household and places with their slaves. During that clip period there were no incidents of colza instead the slaves provided protection for their households. When the war ended all the slaves were free and became citizens of the United States. The white Southerners did non take to this lightly. To keep white domination in the south white Southerners would do false accusals against Afro-Americans of colza. slaying. burglary. etc. With the extra-legal Torahs still integral. by public sentiment an angered rabble would lynch Afro-American that have been accused of a offense. This jurisprudence was merely exercised towards the African-american population of the South during the late nineteenth century. chiefly towards Afro-Americans work forces. to keep white domination in the South. The gender norms of the South were that white adult females married white work forces. There was a jurisprudence that prohibited interracial matrimony.

The jurisprudence even prohibited intimate interracial dealingss. Gender political orientation of the clip was still Victorian. adult females would remain at place and work forces would supply for their households. The function of the adult females was to take attention of place and be the moral compass for the household. The adult male was supposed to work to supply income for his household and place. Sometimes the adult male of the house would lose sight of his virtuousnesss and would trust on his married woman to steer him. The nucleus virtuousnesss were spiritual and chiefly Christian. There is a ground why the adult female is supposed to be the moral compass for her household. Southern adult females of the late nineteenth century were to be pious and pure. Seeking for an rational life and a calling was frowned upon to a great extent. Work force of the late nineteenth century were non expected to be pure because of their nature but they were encouraged to seek a pious life. Work force were seen as unprompted animals that would do errors in his life and would larn from them. Womans on the other manus were expected to pure because of their nature.

Womans were seen as soft caring existences. White adult females of the South during the late nineteenth century. like I wrote before. are to be pious and pure. This gender norm was extremely ritualized among white Southerners during the clip period. The crossbreeding jurisprudence made it so that African-american work forces would non hold intimate dealingss with a white adult female. African-americans were seen as impure and vile. They were seen as lesser race in the eyes of white Southerners during the late nineteenth century. Much of the ways that Afro-Americans were treated while captivity were non gone. White Southerners still treated them with a dehumanising regard. When a white adult female and African-american adult male had a relationship beyond friendly relationship. the white southern citizens would be enraged and form rabble.

These rabbles would lynch the suspected “rapist” . In about all the alleged instances of colza the African-american adult male did have the consent of the white adult female. There was a instance in Elyria. Ohio of a white adult female married to a curate who accused an African-american adult male of colza. “She told her hubby that during his absence in 1888 the adult male forced his manner in the house and insulted her. She did non cognize the adult male but she pointed out William Offett. a married adult male. who was arrested and. being in Ohio. was granted a test. He prisoner vehemently denied the charge of colza. He was found guilty. The woman’s compunction led her to squeal to her hubby that the adult male was innocent” ( Wells. Southern Horrors. pg6 ) . This proves the accusals of colza were normally mistaken because the adult female was non willing to acknowledge her familiarity with an African-american adult male.

That did non alter anything. if an African-american adult male had intimate dealingss with a white adult female it did non affair. the African-american adult male was traveling to be hurt if any white Southerner were to happen out. There are many state of affairss like these but in some the white lady would acknowledge her familiarity. That would non halt an angered rabble to lynch. The political orientation of pure was used to subsidise the debasement of Afro-Americans and to fuel the fire of white supremacists of the late nineteenth century. There is no uncertainty that white southern adult females were attracted to the African-american but the southern imperativenesss were holding Afro-Americans as rapers and desperate criminals. Southern media had a immense impact on what the remainder of the state perceived Afro-Americans. In Memphis the “Daily Commercial” and the “Evening Scimitar” newspapers would claim that that Afro-Americans would feed on a white Southerners household at dark waiting for an chance ( Wells. Southern Horrors. pg13 ) .

Memphis media would utilize this propaganda to warrant the lynching of Afro-Americans even though there was no call of colza by the white adult females in the Memphis country. Rape was one the most common strong belief against African-american work forces. The Memphis newspapers are claiming African-americans are feeding on guiltless white adult females and hence African-americans deserve to be lynched. There are besides instances of African-american misss being mistreated by white work forces and these white work forces do non have about as rough penalty as the African-american adult male does. These are state of affairss where the white male is wholly guilty with grounds to endorse it. Where as with African-american work forces they are accused of colza without any grounds to endorse the claim and are still convicted. “In Nashville. Tenn. . there is a white adult male. Pat Hanifan. who outraged a small African-american miss. and. from the physical hurts received. she has been ruined for life. He was jailed for six months. discharged. and is now a investigator in that city” ( Wells. Southern Horror. pg10 ) .

There is an obvious tendency. white southern work forces were making what they want and southern African-american work forces were enduring from societal inequality. In the twelvemonth 1892 there were alleged 28 African-americans that were lynched in Tennessee entirely. In the same twelvemonth there were a sum of 241 African-americans lynched in America but chiefly in the southern provinces. White domination saw the Afro-Americans as an economic menace and a menace against white adult females. The menace against white adult females was non in any physical manner instead it was a menace against their pureness. It was obvious that white southern adult females were attracted to southern African-american work forces and frailty versa. It was the political orientation of pure that white supremacists used against African-american work forces because they believed that African-american work forces were impure and the white adult female was pure. They used extra-legal Torahs for selfish usage. White supremacists were afraid of losing power over African-americans and they were willing to make anything to keep their power that they one time had.

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