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The role of the woman in the workplace has changed dramatically in the past few decades, something that I see in the example of my own family. My grandmother, mother and myself have about the same intelligence and leadership potential, but had three very different destinies. My grandma received only basic school education that was considered sufficient for a woman in the rural area where she lived. In her teenage years, she already dropped out of school to help her parents look after the farm, even though she was one of the best students in her class.

She spent all her later career in jobs that let her demonstrate her superior communication skills and entrepreneurial spirit but did not help her to utilize her intellectual potential. My mother graduated from a two-year college, but never made it to university because the money necessary for this was spent on my father’s education. Today, in my own experience, people tend to place greater value on women’s careers, allowing women to occupy managerial positions that were previously closed to them. I have worked under the supervision of two female and three male bosses in my professional life. Subtopic 2: Constraint for Women in the WorkforceHowever, women still face constraints.

I have heard from men in managerial positions that they prefer to hire men for positions vested with authority. One person told me he believes women will be less effective as managers, and there is an opportunity that women will leave when they give birth to a child, which will disrupt the operations. Women, too, say that they think that their careers will be hampered by ‘glass ceilings’. One of my friends recently graduated from a master’s program and found a well-paid job in the bank but believes she will not achieve much success with promotion because she is a woman.Subtopic 3: Results of Socialization on Women’s Expectations of Themselves Women are often led by social stereotypes into thinking that they only have to look nice and do not need to advance themselves in anything except attracting men.

I see this in some of my friends who would be able to promote themselves in the professional sphere or community work, having all the potential for this, but their main goal seems to be a successful marriage. There is surely nothing wrong with desire for a successful partnership, but there is danger that these girls will not achieve much else, being preoccupied with only one pursuit.Subtopic 4: Discrimination and Legislation In my experience, almost every company I worked for had guidelines that prohibited discrimination against women. One company had a special instruction that incorporated EEC guidelines that was mostly focused on discrimination against minorities but included women as well.

Overall, I did not see any outright discrimination in these companies, although I believe since is happens somewhere, guidelines and legislation alone are not sufficient to ensure equality. Subtopic 5: Strategies for Overcoming Constraints, Including Networking MentorsAs for me, I had never been hired because of my gender to the best of my knowledge. I do not know any women that would gain admission to an organization because of being a woman. However, I have come across ‘girls’ gangs’ inside departments that build networks of women simply because common gender supplies them with common topics for discussion and thus helps them create a community.

In the same way, there are communities of church-goers or ‘regional’ groups uniting those who come, for example, from the same city.Subtopic 6: A Description and Analysis of Teamwork I have participated in a number of team groups that included both men and women. In my opinion, men and women have about equal potential as team players. This potential depends in the first place on their personal qualities. Overall, a ‘typical’ woman would most probably have a better ability to adapt to team members as men can often act self-assertively and aggressively towards others, making their personal success a priority.

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