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Are women and men equal in our society? Why or why not?

Womens Rights establish the same social and economic status for women as

for men. Womens rights guarantee that women will not face discrimination on the basis

of their sex. Until the second half of the 20th century, women in most societies were

denied some of the legal and political rights according to men. Although women in much

of the world have gained significant legal rights, many people believe that women still do

not have equality with men. This is evident in the home, workplace, and society in


Look no further than the home to see the first sign that men and women are not equal.

The traditional role of man was to work and make the money, which would be used by all

in the household. The traditional role of the woman was to stay home, take care of the

children, clean the house, and cook. Because society has always associated money with

power, the person bringing home the money had the power. The man often makes the

final decision on all household matters because he has the money.

The workplace is another place where men and women are not equal. Men are often

applauded for being assertive and giving orders. By giving orders, men are taking

a leadership role. Demonstrating leadership ability is a quality that employers often look

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for. On the other hand, women who are assertive and give orders are not well liked in the

work place. For women to be well liked in the work place, they have to be subordinate to

the men. The salary of men and women who do the exact same work differ. Women

often make less than men even though they do the exact same thing. In 1990, the median

income was $29,172 for men and $20,586 for women. There are many gender stereotypes

associated with certain jobs. Secretaries, nurses, and maids are associated with women.

Corporate executives, lawyers, doctors, politicians, and construction workers are

associated with men.

Society as a whole has also contributed to the problem. It starts at the hospital when a

baby is born. Boys get blue blankets while girls get pink blankets. Toys are targeted at

either boys or girls. Toys that are targeted at boys include trucks, blocks, guns, and

soldiers. Toys that are targeted at girls include dolls, kitchen utensils, and doll houses.

Boys are raised to be aggressive, tough, dominant, and daring. Girls are raised to be

passive, emotional, sweet, and subordinate. The pattern continues on through marriage

and beyond. A clear example of male dominance can be seen when a woman gets

married. The woman would change her last name to that of the man’s. She also loses her

first name in some instances too. When a piece of mail is addressed to both parties, the

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name reads Mr. and Mrs. John Doe. The woman’s name is not mentioned. Another

example that men and women are not equal is the terms used to describe the sexual habits

of men and women. Men who are promiscuous are considered studs, macho, and manly.

Men often boast about the many partners they have had. Women who are promiscuous

are considered sluts, whores, and prostitutes. Women tend to hide the number of partners

they have had. If a man has sex before marriage, he is getting experience and exploring

his options. If a woman has sex before marriage, she is not considered pure, a quality

often desired by men. There is clearly a double standard for men and woman for the

same type of behavior.

Whoever said men and women are equal must be blind. Women have always taken a

back seat to men in American society. This occurrence is not only found in the United

States, but in other countries as well. Society has lived with this inequality for many

years. There is one set of standards that apply to men, and another set of standards that

apply to women. It’s impossible for society to change overnight. The problem will not

and cannot disappear overnight. A lot of progress has been made over time but more

time is needed to finish what was started.


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