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Obviously channels 4-at least 6 maybe 7 look pretty busy which could bring down the overall speeds. So I would kind of have to go back and forth between channel 1 or maybe 1 1, since while they have the least amount of activity. 3. Capture 2: What channels are being used? While some of the activity is higher on some channels than on others, I believe that channel 1, channel 6 and it looks like channel 11 have the most activity out of all the channels. 4. Capture 2: What channel is being used the most?

Channel 11 seems to me to be the channel that Is being used the most of the 11 available channels. 5. Capture 3: What type of signal is being shown? I believe that is the signal from the Hyper RIFF reader that is being shown in capture 3. 6. Capture 3: What frequency, not channel, is being used? It looks to me in this capture that 2405. 5 is a frequency that is not being used in this capture. However I can get to about 2409. 8 before any activity shows up according to the density percentage. 7.

Capture 4: What type of signal Is being shown and how strong in db’s is it? The average db’s for capture 4 seems to be around ;61 db’s while the maximum db’s looks to be around -Dobbs. It also looks to be the signature for the 802. 1 leg signal. Conclusion Overall this was a pretty interesting lab, I have had one other class where we had a lab like this one but that’s the unfortunate part out of 2 classes to only have 2 labs be extremely important to future careers as a network manager or administrator.

As for how it would relate to the TCO for the week, being able to troubleshoot a network connection is pretty much crucial to any network wired or wireless. Analyzing a wireless signal would also be something that would be an important skill when you’re looking at what might be causing a wireless network slowdown. Or even making the decision on say which channel you should set your wireless network to function on. I only wish that there were more labs like this one either in this class or in other classes.

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