Wireless network Essay

1. What advantages does a radio web provide Denver B-cycle? 1 A radio web. gives Denver B-cycle advantages when it comes to lease and utilize the motorcycles. It is a convenient manner of holding to make all the minutess and rental of the motorcycles radio. because it makes the procedure fast and really easy to utilize and it doesn’t require much. The methods Denver B-cycle uses through a radio web are really practical for the users. Making it easy to entree to the motorcycles. the company can derive more users. 2 There are more than 50 motorcycle Stationss. or B-stations as they are called. These B-stations operate by utilizing a assortment of wireless engineerings. such as RFID. GPS. and Wi-Fi. One method to entree a motorcycle is by utilizing the B- station kiosk machine that allows users to unlock motorcycles with a recognition card. Another option is to buy a 7-day every bit good as 30- twenty-four hours. or one-year rank online or at the B-station booth. The members so receive an RFID-enabled card ( Radio-frequency designation ) that allows them to recover any motorcycle from the B-stations. The RFID cards provide immediate informations entree from the users for the company.

The minutess to allow a member usage a motorcycle are done utilizing RFID readers and Wi-Fi devices that validate the dealing with the company’s chief database. They can besides download an iPhone app that facilitates them to unlock and turn up the motorcycles. The motorcycles besides have embedded GPS that records the paths a user travels to assist the company understand the most common routes a user takes. Having GPS in the motorcycles increases location and monitoring capableness. giving another advantage for Denver B-cycle. Having entree from you nomadic device facilitates everything. These yearss. most people count with a nomadic device. so the usage of the Denver B-cycle can be widespread. All it takes to unlock a motorcycle is an app. It is non difficult to utilize that method and it is truly fast. All it takes can be up to some seconds.

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