Winning Is Nothing

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If you believe that winning is everything, winning will not come easy to a team that doesn’t act like a team. A true winning team does not believe that winning is everything. I do not agree with the quote that is winning is everything because to win you must like what you’re doing, you must like your teammates, and you must have a good attitude. To begin, the quote, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing,” is all wrong to me because you must like what you’re doing to win games. If you don’t like the sport you’re playing, you probably shouldn’t be on a team playing it.

If you don’t care, you’re team will never ever win a game. I play soccer at my school and Emily, a third year member on varsity, is always complaining and it can be such a downer to people like myself, who actually just play the sport for fun! Also, winning is nothing to me because you must like your teammates. If you don’t like your teammates, you’ll never want to practice together because you’ll always be fighting. You can’t win if you can’t swallow your pride long enough to pass the ball to your teammate.

First year members, and non-athletic, our soccer team doesn’t have much skill, but we’ve got chemistry, so we’ve pulled out a few unexpected wins this year against some good teams. Lastly, winning can’t be everything because you must have a good attitude. If you go into a game thinking, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing,” you will not win many games. If you think about winning the entire game, you won’t think about things that actually matter, like your teammates. A member of our varsity soccer team has a mild form of autism, and she plays every game, no matter the score.

Coach puts her at forward and we always pass her the ball. I always used to get mad when she got put in, but she’s taught me to have respect for people like her. She actually scored a goal this year! In conclusion, there are many reasons why winning isn’t everything. Why would winning be everything when a losing team such as mine, is still a winning team even when we lose? I consider our losing team to be a winning team. because we love each other and would do anything for each other. If we win, it’s just lagniappe on top of our glorious season.

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