Windows 7, Chapter 8

Which document format is similar to XPS?
Existing Windows applications must be updated to use XPS-based printing or there is no benefit. True or False?
Which of the following are languages used by printers? (Choose all that apply.)
XPS, PCL, Postscript
XPS-based printing uses a new format called ______ to describe print job settings.
XML PrintTicket
Which utility is used to add printer drivers to the printer driver store?
Which utilities can be used to manage printers? (Choose all that apply.)
the Devices and Printers applet, Print Management snap-in
Which of the following are features available in the Print Management snap-in that are not available in the Devices and Printers applet? (Choose all that apply.)
Manage remote printers, Configure notifications, Bulk printer management, Deploy printers by using Group Policy
When a printer is configured with a lower priority value, the print jobs for that printer are printed first. True or False?
By default, all users are able to manage their own print jobs because the _____ group has the manage documents permission.
Creator Owner
Windows Fax and Scan cannot be used without ______? (Choose all that apply.)
a fax modem, a multifunction printer with a fax, a scanner
When you create a new document in the root of a library, where is the document created?
In the save location of the library
You can only arrange files that are indexed. True or False?
Which file locations are indexed by default? (Choose all that apply.)
Offline files, the Start menu, the Users folder
For each type of file, you can specify whether the contents of the file are indexed. True or False?
Which Windows 7 feature allows you to create a virtual folder that automatically searches for files?
Saved search
Which new feature in Windows Explorer makes sizing windows easier?
The ______ feature is used to provide backward compatibility for Web sites targeted for previous versions of Internet Explorer
Compatibility View
Which Internet Explorer security zone is only relevant if the computer is joined to a domain?
Local intranet
When Internet Explorer runs in protected mode, it runs with lower privileges than the user. True or False?
The ___ used in Internet Explorer 8 allows multiple Web pages to be open in a single Internet Explorer window.
Tabbed Browsing

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