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She was born with

the mark on her arm, the mark of the one who would cause

the downfall of queen Bavmorda and end her evil rain. The

legend told her that the prophecy was the queens grates fear

and now it was about to some true. Willow Ufgood had

always wanted to be a magician. to be wise and respected in

his community. His dreams were about to become true. All

of these things you will read in my report. The main charters

of this book are Willow ufgood- a nelwyn that wishes to be

a magician that will soon come true. Madmartigan- a master

swordsman and womanizer who is drawn into this prophecy.

Shorsha- daughter of queen Bavmorda that falls in love.

General Kail- a evil man at the top of Bavmords army

Queen Bavmorda- Destroyer of Tersline that is searching for

a child that can destroy her The book starts of at Nockmar

castle. A child is born in the dongon with a mark. The same

mark Bavmord is looking for. One of Bavmords servants

smulgs the child out of the castle and miles away to a creek

bed. She is being tracked by dethdogs so she bundles up

and sends the child down the stream in a basket. She is

killed by the death dogs but wile the child is floating down

the stream. The child traveled down the stream until it a

nelwyn village. Two children willows children found her

and brought her to Willow. Willow didn’t want anything to

do with her and wanted to send her back down the stream

but Willows wife Kya wouldn’t let him. The next day

Willow and his children went to the carnival in town. Kya

stave with the child. Willow was going to see if he could win

a apprentice contest to become a apprentice to the High

Aldwin. He messes up and and doesn’t make it then the a

dethdog races through the village and attacks a cradle.

Vonhkar kills it with the help of of his worriers. Then the

town held a meeting to finger out why the dethdog attacked

the cradle. Willow afraid that his wife was killed by the

dethdog before it got to town he ran home to see if she was

all right. His wife told him to take the child to the High

Aldwin. He goes and talks to the High Aldwin at the town

meeting. The High Aldwin tells him if he loves this child that

he must take the child to the dikine crossroads and give it to

the first Dikine he sees. The High Aldwin sends burglecut

along sense he doesn’t want to go along and Vonhkar to

protect them. Befor they go the High Aldwin asks Willow

why didn’t he think for him self at the carnival after willows

magic show. All the apprentices that wanted to be the High

Aldwins apprentice witch finger held all the power. Willow

guessed wrong at the carnival but the High Aldwin asked

him what was his first answer Willow told him his own which

was correct. Then the High Aldwin sad that if he came back

alive that he might become his apprentice next year. They

traveled on there jurnayand one night Vonhkar told Willow

of his quest for Tersline. He never found it but one night in

winter when he was passing through the mountains he

stopped in a cave. He nearly died there if some dwarves

didn’t save him. They had a legend that a little warrior would

rule them they thought it was him. Vonhkar declined the

offer but they gave him a ring that had a design on it. They

said that one day he would help some one that will bring

peace to a crude land. That child had the same mark. That is

why he wanted to go on this journey. When they got to the

dikine crossroads they saw a man in a crows cage

Madmartigan. They waited for some one else to ride by

but the only thing that did was a army marching to battle. So

he let Madmartigan out and gave the child to him. On his

way back hawk with a brownie on its back yelling i got the

baby. Willow chases after him then gets attacked by

brownies and falls into a pit. He wakes up lying on his back

with a brownie on his chest. A glittering lute tells him to let

Willow go it is Chilendra. She tells him of her tale and of

why this child is so important . She tells him he must go to

the lake of Fin Razal and give her Chalandras wand then to

go to Tersline. Willow asks why must go, She tells him it is

because allora dannan likes him. they start there quest to the

lack of fin razal and it starts to rain so they stop at a tavern

to get milk for alora dannan. Willow gets kicked around and

he falls through a wall and runs into madmartigan dressed as

a woman. He slept with another mans wife and had to hide.

Than shorsha and some nockmar solders came in wanting to

inspect the babes. They ask Willow to show them the babes

arm. Willow refuses and then shorsha notices that

Madmartigan is not a woman that brings a man into a uproar

sense he thought that Madmartigan was his wife’s cuisine.

He tries to kill Madmartigan and gets Willow and him self

out of there. They steal a wagon and run from the nockmar

solders. They allude them and take off on foot Willow

notices how good he would be to them and asks him to

protect them on there trip. Then mad martigan tells him

about his life. How he was a rich mans son, how he became

a knight at a young age, and how he was banished sense he

told a vision to his wife. They make it to the lake of fin razal

madmartigan tells him that his job is done and takes off.

Willow crosses the lake to a island. He lands on the island

and sees a bunch of dead bodies. He sees a squeal and it

talks to him. It is Fin Razal. He seems disappointed and

takes her across. She tells him that he must turn her back

into what she once was. He tells her that he is only a

magician not a wizard. She gets all ticked off then the

nockmar solders show with madmartigan. they take the

baby Fin razal and Willow but they didn’t see the brownies.

They argue with each other and then decide to save them.

They are at a nockmar camp held captive. Willow and

Madmartigan are in a cage and Fin Razal is in a basket

hanging from the wagon.Shorsha has the baby with her in

her tent. Willow is concokting a potation to change Fin

Razal back. The brownies show up to release them it took

them a while but they got there. The brownies try to pick the

lock and madmartigan gets frustrated with them they take a

pouch with fairy dust and hit him with it . It put him in love

with the first woman he sees. Willow gets the potation ready

and tries to change Fin Razal back to her original self. He

messes up and turns her into a mocking bird instead. They

get out and head to Shorshas tent to get Alora Dannan then

escape. Madmartigan goes in and falls in love with Shorsha

and she wakes up. He speaks poetry to her and Willow

sneaks in and grabs the child. The guards walk in and

Madmartigan takes a sword and cuts down the main

support beam to knock the tent down. They race out of

there and willow grabs a shield Madmartigan is fitting his

way to Willow and gets on the sheld and escape. They

make it to a town and hide in a secret hiding place in a barn

where they find some solders the same ones that marched

by at the crossroads but a lot smaller. The nockmar solders

make it the town and talk to the elder. He tells them that

there not their but they don’t believe him. Shorsha walks into

the barn and steps on the hidden door she opens it and then

says to torch the barn. Than Madmartigan walks out and

grabs Shorsha. They sold her captive and get to there

horses. They ride off and the solders that was hiding ambush

the nockmar solders. They ride off with Shorsha captive

with General kale following. They find a hidden save and

ride through it, it seams to have been a old dwarven hold

that was attacked by trolls. they get out the other side and

Fin Razal is showing them the way to Tersline. They run into

a giant wall made of thorns. Fin Razal tells Willow to destroy

it with the wand at this Shorsha runs off she hears her

solders behind and Madmartigan lets her go. Willow is

chanting a charm to burn down the wall and succeeds. They

ride to Tersline. They get to Tersline only to find out that the

place is frozen by one of Bavmords spells. The nockmar

solders are riding towards the castle so Madmartigan shuts

the gates. He goes to see what he could use to find them off

in the armoriey. He finds some weapons and the kings armor

he tries it on and it fits. While the nockmar solders are

nocking down the gate he sets boobie traps and Willow

goes and rids the baby. They knock down the gate and

charge in they get hit by crossbow arrows and rocks from

catapults. While willow is hiding the baby he gets attacked

by a troll. He uses the wand to protect himself and turns the

troll into this odd form and kicks it off the bridge into the

water below. Madmartigans traps run out and perpairs to

attack the army. At this a giant two headed dragon appears

behind him. The nockmar solders attack it instead of him,

while Madmartigan is fitting Shorsha is watching him and

notices that she had fallen in love with him. They kill off the

dragon and Kale gets Alora Dannan they follow him to

nackmar castle. Bavmorda turns there entire army into pigs

except for Willow. Now is the time to change Fin Razal

back they cant afraid any mastacks this time. He turns her

back and gives her the wand. Fin Razal turns the entire

camp back to normal. While this is happing Bavmorda is

preparing the alter of sacfrice to destroy Alora Danan. The

next morning the only thing left outside is Fin Razal and

Willow with a drum. Kale sends out some solders to kill

them and Madmartigans army ambushes them at the beet of

the drum. They make it into the castle.one of Madmartigans

friends gets killed by Kale and Madmartigan challenges him.

Willow, Shorsha, and Fin Razal go to save Alora Dannan.

Out side Madmartigan and General Kale are fitting kale

seams to be winning but then Madmartigan kills him with

kales sword. Inside Fin Razal and Bavmorda are

fitting.Shorsha gets nocked out by her mother and so dose

Fin Razal, Willow tells Bavmorda that he is going to make

the child disappear. Bavmorda says that he cant make her

disappear. Willow makes the child disappear and that

shocks Bavmorda and she knocks over a potion she made

to destroy Alora Dannan and kills herself. After Bavmorda

died all of her spells that she had dun had resoveld. Tersline

had returned to normal and so did the land. Willow said

good bye to Alora Dannan, Madmartigan and his wife

Shorsha, The two Brownies, And Fin Razal. Fin Razal gave

Willow a book of magic then Willow went home. When he

made it back he was a hero. When the High Aldwin told

Willow that he could be his apprentice next year. Willow

was already a better sorcery than the Grate Aldwin. the end

I recramend this book to anyone who likes the movie willow

or is a big fantasy nut.. It was a grate book to read and I

hope others will read it also.

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