William Shakespeare Study Guide/Notes

When was Shakespeare born (estimated)?
April 23rd, 1564

Where was Shakespeare born?

What did Shakespeare’s father do?
Merchant; mayor of Stratford

Who is Shakespeare’s wife?
Anne Hathaway

How old were Shakespeare and Anne when they got married?
He was 18 and she was 26

How many children did Shakespeare have?

What are Shakespeare’s children’s names?
Susanna, Judith, and Hamnet

What child died and at what age?
Hamnet; age 11

Where was Shakespeare from 1585-1592?
In London

Who ruled England in the 1590s?
Queen Elizabeth I

What historical events were happening in England during the 1590s?
Changed the official religion from Roman Catholicism to Protestantism

What year was the Theatre built?

What year was the Rose built?

What year was the Swan built?

What year was the globe built?

Where were the theaters located?
The outskirts of London

Who protested plays?

How many people could fit in most of the theatres?

How many people were killed by the plague in London?

Who was in charge of the Lord Admiral’s Company?

Who was in charge of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men?

What were the two most prominent acting troupes?
The Lord Admiral’s Company & The Lord Chamberlain’s Men

Who was Christopher Marlowe?
First great playwright

Who ruled England after Queen Elizabeth I died?
King James I

Who did Shakespeare leave his belongs to in his will?
His oldest daughter, Susanna

What was the first play to be preformed at The Globe?
Julius Caesar

By 1597, Shakespeare had written what plays?
Romeo & Juliet,
Merchant of Venice,
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Who were the actors?

Who played female parts?
Young boys (age 12-14)

How many weeks did it take for actors to learn a new play?
3 weeks

What did the actors pay depend on?
Admission sales

When did Shakespeare die?
April 23, 1616

Who are the playwrights?
Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Kyd, William Shakespeare

What style did Shakespeare write in?
Iambic Pentameter

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