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I’m Stephanie Howard speaking for the Wildlife at Risk Organization. We are a group of high school scholars who want the adult to change their ways of thinking about the poor animals that are being extinct. It’s my honor to be here, In Beijing, to talk to you about endanger species.

We are here today to speak up for all the wild animals that cannot speak for themselves. I stand here to speak for the animals that are now extinct, that can no longer be save. And I stand here to speak for the endanger species, whose number are decreasing close to extinction.

Animal become endanger before they goes extinct so we, as the dominant group of the world, should take action In this global Issue. It’s our duty as a part of the dominant species, to represent all the other species who wish to return home but cannot return.

Animals are created for a reason, if we are the dominant species we should have responsibility for taking care of other who are not dominant. 60% of medical medicines are taken from nature, and if we don’t take action on helping those poor animals we might as well say goodbye to all the elution to HIVE and cancer.

Don’t you think we lost enough? We have lost all the mighty Bali Tiger due to over hunting, we have lost the Java rhinoceros due to loss of habitat. Bali Tiger. Java rhinoceros.

Do you admire the cute adorable panda that you usually expect to spot In the zoo? Imagine that adorable specie being extinct, there wont be any panda for you to see in the wild nor in the zoo if we don’t take action in it. Asking why animal goes extinct, but we, dominant group, never look back at ourselves to address all the crimes we did.

We are the one that cause all those black contamination in the air, damaging the ozone layer which protects the human and animals. We are the one who polluted their river and sea, so they can no longer drink or live. We are the criminal and we don’t notice and Justify It.

Do you know the main reason all the species are going extinct? What are the factors that cause animals to goes extinct? Well simple, air pollution, deforestation, loss habitat, global warming. All of those factors are the main reason that cause animals to goes extinct.

Not only we take away animals habitats we also kill their way of living, we take their life In place of our over populated factories and housing. Being cut down each years to help build our lifestyle and way of life, but have you ever consider that numerous of animals loses their home Just for us to living a little bit more fancy and luxurious.

Let me ask you one question, do you want a rain- forest without trees and animals? What is an endangered species? Endanger species are species that have high possibility of being extinct.

Let ask our-self, do we really want animals to be endangered and extinct? Well for me it a definite no. I want to see a world where animals can freely live without feeling insecure and terrify, I want a place where there is no pollution and no global warming. And I believe that one day we can achieve that goal that we have set for our-self more than 10 years.

I believe that one day, we will find a way to stop animals from die, and I believe that one day we can find a cure to all the sickness due to nature. I this is my dream. What is your?

When I was young, I always dreamt of world where there is no pollution, and there onto be extinct animals, but today, I ask myself, if this dream even possible? Is it even possible to see a world without pollution and global warming? Is it even possible to see a world where animals don’t extinct every day without noticing? If we, the dominant group, called our-self the most intelligent species then why aren’t we taking action in helping species that are not smart enough? We can ask our-self, what can I do? I am Just a kid, but think again. Well fellow friends, we are the next generation.

We as the future generation control he power to change and take action and who control the power control the animal’s future. Even Though we cannot control the past but – we as the future generation, control the future.

It time for us to rise and take action! Chef Seattle, a well known Native American, once said, ” When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of Rainbow will come to save them. ” I believe that we are Warriors of Rainbow that Chef Seattle had mention. We are the future! We can dream, can achieve and WE- can be the Warriors of Rainbow! I wish you the best of luck. Thank you.

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