Why Talking Is Important

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Why Talking is Important What would a world without conversation be like? Surely not a very interesting one. There are plenty of reasons. First there are socializing and questions. What would a world be without them? Then there is communication. How would the world find things out? You’ve probably been thinking that people can find things out by reading the newspaper, right? Well, you’re wrong. There wouldn’t be a language if it weren’t for conversation. Communication is the key to civilization.

How would you be able to express yourself, or danger? If there was a person in the middle of the street, and a car was about to hit them, what would you do? Hold up a sign? Of course not. You’re going to warn them by yelling. Now do you see my point? What about the questions? If people couldn’t talk how could the millions of questions be answered? People would be completely clueless. They’d be ignorant of many things. If they took something apart to try fix it, how could they?

Or, even more importantly, put it back together. They wouldn’t know what things were or how to use it. When someone got lost how could they ask for directions? That’s

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why talking is so important. Socializing is also another value of talking. You can’t socialize without talking. Socializing is a way of getting to know people. If you couldn’t socialize how could you make friends? Socialization is also part of civilization. How else could you find out what music is out and which fashions are in?

Expressing your feelings, such as anger fall under socialization, too. If you couldn’t talk it out then you’d have to fight it out. People wouldn’t want to start acting like wild animals, would they? With these three reasons, and plenty more, you can see why talking is so important. Communication, socialization, and questioning are among the most important. Without talking the human race would be untamed and collapse. I hope that now I have convinced you that talking is so truly important.

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