Why colonies founded Why the original 13 colonies were founded

Question Answer
Why was the Virginia colony founded? To find gold, expand trade(i.e. Economic History), and to find remote and heathen lands
Why was the Massachusetts colony founded? MB= Religious freedom PR=To avoid persecution and to have religious freedom
Why was the Maryland colony founded? Religious freedom as a refuge (i.e. shelter) for Catholics
Why was the New York colony founded? For trading purposes(i.e. posts=markets) furs and profits
Why was the Rhode Island colony founded? Anne Hutchinson was banished for fighting for women's rights-women should have leadership roles/positions with the church, wanted separation between the church and the state,
Why was the Connecticut colony founded? Political Freedom, Religious freedom, and Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts Bay
Why was the New Hampshire colony founded? For profit from trade
Why was the Delaware colony founded? Trade profit (i.e fur, coal, and iron)
Why was the North Carolina colony founded? Profit from trade and selling land
Why was the South Carolina colony founded? Profit from trade and selling land
Why was the New Jersey colony founded? Selling land profit
Why was the Pennsylvania colony founded? Quakers(members of the Religious Society of Friends), needed freedom from Great Britain.
Why was the Georgia colony founded? Relief for the poor, as a buffer between Spanish Florida and the Carolina's. Also for religious freedom, protection against Spanish Florida and as a haven for debtors (i.e. Jails)

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