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The function of motivation is undeniable to every company operation at Whole Foods Market. In relation to managing developments at the company, inspiring its workers that are feeling the effects of the change applied is ways that implements or reinforce the existing circumstances. Motivation at Whole Foods Market develops with changes in individual, social or other aspects in the workplace (Bridges, 2003). Therefore, in applying new programs or norms as a consequence of development within the boundaries of Whole Foods Market, there is always a necessity to systematize the motivation procedure among the workers of the company.

It is a known idea that motivation has an impact on behavior rather than the outputs (Bridges, 2003). But nevertheless, as an end-result of efficient motivation, belief and acceptance of the development at Whole Foods Market is always easy and worry-free. In order to optimize its employees, Whole Foods Market always controls their workers’ working status with great knowledge and effectiveness. They are enabled to be participative in doing work-based choices to further improve the company framework of Whole Foods Market.Reale (2005) mentioned that appropriately implemented and functional worker participation improves productivity as guided by empirical research.

Likewise, Roberts (2005) mentioned the significance of great work life quality through excellent guidance, functioning status, salary and advantages as well as excellent and advantageous job opportunities. With the existence of consistent inspiration, the balance of outputs and development at Whole Foods Market logically occurs.For example, the objective to develop the culture at Whole Foods Market in order to guarantee the promotion and necessary merging includes altering individuals to search for camaraderie in the midst of confusion. Governance and dedication of the employees within Whole Foods Market to guarantee loyalty are always put into mind and managed among its employees. The change, formulation, inspiration, improvement and empowerment of the workers of Whole Foods Market significantly rely on the governance, mission and philosophy of the company (Evard, 2001).Conclusion The outputs of the investigation done on the management and organizational behavior of Whole Foods Market revealed very essential impacts, even in the presence of uncertainty.

Therefore, it is logical to generalize that the management and organizational behavior of the company could still be expected to improve faster than average. The investigation of the company’s management and organizational behavior unveiled very few inconsistencies concerning the company’s overall goals and philosophy.This is connected with their usual internal-external method. Nevertheless, the necessity to mend both the internal-external and external-internal methods becomes necessary now for Whole Foods Market. The investigation among the company environment as well as the management and organizational behavior of Whole Foods Market unveiled various differences, most of which are connected towards the company setting.

Nevertheless, these differences established the path towards identifying a number of suggested tactical choices to guarantee the competitiveness of Whole Foods Market. In addition, the company needs to search for equilibrium between commitment to inner forces within the management and to the developing elements of the setting in order to apply such tactical choices.REFERENCESBridges, W, 2003. Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change.

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Crown House Publishing; New edition www. wholefoodsmarket. com. Retrieved January 3, 2008

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