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Most of us have had at least one truly great instructor and one truly bad one. We know what we like and expect in a instructor and judge them based on that. I have had instructors over the old ages whom others have non liked. There were besides other instructors I thought did a atrocious occupation but other pupils thought were the best they of all time had. Most of what people perceive as a good or bad instructor is normally based on things like personalities and preferable acquisition manners. But all good instructors have a few things in common that is cosmopolitan whether or non we like them and/or their manner.

The first thing a instructor of the Craft has to hold is knowledge of the topic at manus. You can non learn what you do non cognize. It will go really evident really rapidly that you know non of what you speak if you try. That does non intend that a good instructor demands to cognize everything. They should merely be knowing adequate to be creditable and for the most portion accurate. A good instructor should be honest. Honest plenty to acknowledge if they don’t know the reply to a specific inquiry and honest plenty to look into it and acquire back to the pupil in a timely manner.

A good instructor should be honest plenty to acknowledge being wrong. If s/he makes a error or imparts false information s/he should be able to acknowledge that the error or mistake was made. Everyone makes errors at some point but what makes others swear your words is the ability to acknowledge you were incorrect and correct the error. A good instructor should be low. Teachers are non Gods. They do leave knowledge non antecedently known but they are non unbeatable or infallible. Bing able to acknowledge errors. accept constructive unfavorable judgment and right mistakes is all a portion of acquisition and instruction.

A good instructor should be able to larn something from his/her pupils. There is ever something more you can larn. Even a different position can be a learning experience. You don’t have to hold with another’s sentiment or belief to larn from it either. Teaching and/or acquisition is non brainwashing. A good instructor should esteem each pupil as an person. Each individual is alone. Differences of sentiment. attitude. personality. etc should be celebrated. The schoolroom ( or where of all time the teaching/learning occurs ) is non a topographic point to crush the person. It is a topographic point to edify and open the head.

A good instructor should be patient and flexible. Not everyone learns at the same gait or in the same manner. There may be some pupils who can pick up on an thought or concept really rapidly. there are some that need more clip and one on one tutoring. and so there are some who may ne’er understand. A good instructor knows that sometimes you have to decelerate the gait down for those who don’t rather understand yet keep it interesting plenty for those who already do. A good instructor should be tolerant. Paganism is a really diverse way. Each individual has a alone narrative on how s/he has found this manner of life.

Those past experiences shape the manner each pupil thinks about Paganism. magick. faith. and people in general. A good instructor of the Craft will understand that each individual s/he is learning has a different position and will seek to learn with that in head. Granted. there are some things that a instructor can non and should non digest. but for the most portion s/he needs to acknowledge that each individual is an person. A good instructor should acknowledge his/her ain mortality. Bing able to make magick is a really powerful thing. Taking that to the learning degree means that you are straight responsible for person else’s charming preparation.

It can be existent easy to believe of yourself as greater than you are because you can make magick and person else can non. You are. nevertheless. still a flesh and blood individual and are learning a flesh and blood individual. You are fallible. You are mortal. A good instructor knows when to allow the pupils go out and pattern on their ain. At some point everyone needs to take the cognition that they know and put it to practical usage. Magick is a powerful thing and it can be really easy to desire to keep the student’s custodies each and every clip they try something.

But portion of acquisition is doing errors. A good instructor of the Craft knows when to assist and when to endorse off. A good instructor knows that his/her manner is non the lone manner. There are many ways to acquire from point A to point B. Just because one manner works for the instructor does non intend that that manner will work for all the pupils. Obviously there are rudimentss that should ever be followed. However. the pupils individualism and imaginativeness to research should ne’er be squelched merely because the instructor thinks one manner and the pupil thinks another ( e. g. instructor may integrate a signifier of Qabala into the ritual but the pupil does non experience comfy making so. Neither are incorrect. merely different personal penchants ) . The instructor should be at that place to leave the cognition and the pupil is at that place to take what information s/he can and utilize it as it pertains to his/her way. Granted. in a coven scene most would wish the rudimentss to be the same but even utilizing the same rudimentss there are still many waies to the concluding finish. If a instructor forgets that so s/he is non learning. S/he is brainwashing.

A good instructor knows his/her boundaries. By this I mean they know how to maintain the teacher/student relationship merely as that. A instructor can and should hold a personal relationship with each pupil but the degree of that relationship should remain teacher/student merely ( unless the pupil is your important other and so you should still be able to separate between category clip and personal clip ) . In my sentiment there is NO alibi for beging. coercing. intimidating. and/or endangering a pupil for personal and/or sexual favours. That crosses the line.

Bing a instructor is being in a place of some power and misusing that power is one of the most unsafe and damaging things a instructor can make to a pupil. It is incorrect and should non be tolerated by anyone. These are merely a few things that I think do up a good instructor. Obviously the traits I have listed can be attributed to all instructors. non merely instructors of the Craft. Choosing to learn should non be embarked upon on a caprice. It is a serious duty to leave cognition. To make so with endowment. manner. grace. intelligence. compassion and love should be what each instructor desires and strives for.

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