What Led to the Civil War Essay

During the 1800’s. bondage in America became a bigger and bigger issue and treatment. The North opposed bondage and thought everything about it was incorrect. Whereas the South felt bondage was an indispensable portion of their lives. and that without it they would non last. In April of 1861. during the first month of the Civil War Alfred M. Green delivered a address to his fellow African Americans to fall in the Union forces of the North.

Green utilizations allusions in his address to assist carry his fellow African Americans to fall in the Union forces. Green felt that if anyone should be contending in a war for freedom from bondage. it should be African Americans. He states. “My state. right or incorrect. I love thee still! ” Meaning regardless how incorrect the South’s actions were or could be at times. Green and his people would still love them and contend for what was right. African Americans needed the excess encouragement of assurance. and Green was merely that. He says. “Let us. take up the blade. swearing in God. who will support the right…”

By conveying in this statement of religion this made the tone more comfy and reassuring. as if God was on his side. and would make the right thing in the terminal. The passion and thrust of Green would overall hold a great impact on African Americans. Green says. “Remember. excessively. that your really presence among the military personnels of the North would animate your laden brethren of the South…living God the God of truth. justness and equality to all work forces. ” This created a new assurance for the North and slaves that wanted to do a difference in how they were being treated. Given these points. Green uses personal experiences and emotion to assist

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