What is Ethics? powerpoint

four branches of philosophy
1. metaphysics 2. epistemology 3. logic 4. ethics

asks the question “what’s out there?”, ultimate reality)

how you know what you know, fancy word for knowledge, the question “why”

things that are rational and make sense

ethics comes from the Greek word ______ which means character

what does an effective speaker use?
ethos, pathos and logos



what is the distinction in ethics?
ethics and morality

morality definition
judgments concerning the right, wrong, good, bad etc. of actions of persons

ethics definition
the philosophical study of the source and nature of right character and conduct

three areas of study in ethics
1. meta-ethics 2. normative ethics 3. applied ethics

what is the source and meaning of moral judgments? emotivism/hurrah-boo or realism; absolutism or relativism; natural law/divine command or evolutionary adaptation

normative ethics
how should we act? consequentialist, deontological, and virtue ethics

applied ethics
ethical theory applied to life situations (bioethics, business ethics, sexual ethics)

why study ethics?
because the most important issue in life concern your moral life and character

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