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According to Webster dictionary, engineering is the “application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and the sources of energy In nature are made useful to people” Engineers apply math to help design and manufacture products. 2. What did you learn about engineering that you were not previously aware of? Make a list of your insights. After taking the course Engineering Design and Graphics from the previous semester, I learned that engineers mean a great deal to all societies in order to for them to modernize.

Engineers design and Invent many products used by everyday people, from the ordinary wine glass to a complex space station. (http://www. . COM) Also, I was not aware about taking a engineer’s certification that was not school related. (http://www. . COM/index. HTML) 3. What new questions or uncertainties have surfaced? I have no new questions of engineering because I believe that I know all that I should know for the time being. However, I am uncertain to keep my major as mechanical engineering to a different engineering or an alternative major because of the difficulties of the science classes.

The degree of difficulty of my classes places me behind in grade point average compared with students of equal abilities. 4. On the back of this sheet, please list and then describe the reasons you want to be an engineer. Put your reasons in order starting with the most important. Interests- Since my father bought my first set, a type of model building using sticks and gears, I enjoyed using my creativity towards engineering. I also enjoy mathematics, which influences a great deal in the major. Money- Many upper clansmen have told me if they had a chance to change their major, they should have become engineers. Depending on which company that employs an engineer, they generate over $40,000 as a starting salary. Although the rumors may be wrong about the salary, I know that engineer graduates make more money than any other majors with exception to law and medicine. Many Job opportunities.

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